Resume Headline for Fresher (With Examples)

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A resume headline for fresher plays an important factor in getting your curriculum vitae noticed and selected by hiring managers or recruiters as it highlights the required skills and abilities.

As a fresher, you will have little to no work experience to mention in your curriculum vitae. However, you can add your internship experience and skill sets that align with the position you are applying for. You do not need to write a long resume headline. It should be concise and clear.

Here, we will share some CV top heads for fresher for your reference.

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What is a resume headline for fresher?

A resume headline for fresher is a short statement that sums up your skills, experience and qualifications. In other words, it tells a summary of your professional background and what you will be able to bring to the table.

While a resume headline and a CV summary sound similar, they are not so. A CV or profile summary contains a short description of one’s personality and intent, while a curriculum vitae headline highlights one’s professional journey and achievements or skills.

A good resume headline goes a long way in enticing the reader to go through your entire CV and increases your chance of getting selected for an interview. It must be written in professional language and should be at least two lines and four at most.

Why should freshers write a resume headline?

A resume headline goes a long way in increasing your resume visibility. Here are the top reasons why you should write a CV headline.

To Capture The Attention Of The Recruiters

Hiring managers and recruiters go through many resumes in a day. To save their time and energy, they usually skim through what is in front of them. So, you need to be able to make your curriculum vitae stand out to catch their attention, and one of the best ways to do that is to have an appealing resume headline.

To Let The Recruiters See That You Are The Right Person For The Position

Your resume headline highlights your skills, experience and qualification in brief. Depending on how well you link these with the open position, the recruiters will be able to tell if you are the right person for the job or not.

To Bypass The Applicant Tracking Software

There are times when some resumes are automatically moved to the recycle bin when Applicant Tracking Software is used. Due to this, not many resumes are opened and viewed by recruiters. The trick to getting past the ATS is to use the right keywords in your CV headline.

To Highlight Your Skills And Abilities

As compared to those who have extensive work experience and skills to highlight, fresher do not have much to add to their resume. So, a resume headline is the best place for you, as a fresher, to showcase your abilities and skills that will immediately catch the recruiter’s attention.

How To Write A Resume Headline For Freshers

Follow the steps below to write a compelling curriculum vitae headline for your next job search –

Review Job Description

The job description will tell you what specific skills, qualifications and experience are required for the open position. This will help you in identifying what points you need to highlight.

Job-Specific Headline

You may be applying for more than one position. For that, you need to tailor your resume and its heading based on the job description. For instance, if you are applying for a sales position, mention that you have strong communication and interpersonal skills. This will help in attracting the recruiter or hiring manager’s attention.

Specify Relevant Keywords

Hiring managers and recruiters usually look for candidates using specific keywords in online job marketplaces. So, ensure that you use the right keywords even for your resume headline. For example, let’s say you are applying for the position of SEO executive. Mentioning the software required for this position, such as Google Analytics, Keyword Planner and Ahrefs, will make it easier for recruiters to find your profile.

Keep it brief

Ensure that you keep your resume headline shot and that you stick to the relevant points only. A long and pointless curriculum vitae head will only confuse and frustrate the reader. Avoid using cliches or generic words such as a hard-working person to make it short and precise. Instead, mention only the skills or experience relevant to the JD. This will help in making your CV stand out from the crowd.

Use Formal Font

Continue to use the same professional font in your curriculum vitae. Do not use the informal font, style or different font sizes and colours.

Resume Headline Should Be At Right Place

Your resume heading should be placed on top of your resume so that it is easy to see for the recruiters or hiring managers. A preferable place would be right after your basic information, such as your name and contact information.

What Should A Resume Headline For A Fresher Contain?

You cannot just randomly add anything that you want to your resume headline. Here are some important things you could add that will increase your resume visibility.

Educational Qualification

When going through the JD, it may specify that candidates must have certain degrees, such as BCA or MBA. If you do have the qualification mentioned, ensure that you mention it in your CV headline.

Professional Memberships and Certifications

There are certain positions that require candidates to have professional memberships or certifications, such as Human Resources Certifications (PHR, SPHR, SHRM) or Project Management Certifications (PMP). This is a piece of important information that needs to go in your resume headline.

Academic Achievements

Be it in your college or during your internship, if there were any special achievements such as awards or accomplishments that you have received, mention them. However, ensure that they are in relation to the open position.


Any skills or abilities that you have that are relevant to the position offered should be highlighted in your CV headline. For instance, if you have good negotiation skills, you would look good for sales positions.

Language Skills

every employer wants to hire someone with good communication skills, and being fluent in more than one language is an added bonus. For instance, if you are applying for an MNC, let’s say a Japanese company, adding that you know the Japanese language to your curriculum vitae headline will definitely catch the attention of the recruiter.

Other Relevant Information

If there are any other important details about you that you believe would be an added bonus to getting shortlisted, you can do so. However, ensure that it aligns with the position you are applying for.

Resume Headline For Fresher – MBA


MBA in Human Resource Management with proficiency in payroll management. Proficiency in Quickbooks and Gusto. Excellent communication and people skills with six months of experience as an HR recruiter intern.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Accounting & Finance


A career-driven person with strong analytical skills and in-depth knowledge of various accounting software programs, tools and processes.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Testing Engineer


BTech graduate in computer science with 3 months of internship experience, skilled in testing tools experience, knows Integration Testing, QA automation, and manual testing, and an excellent understanding of Software Algorithms.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Frontend Developer


BTech graduate with experience in JavaScript, HTML5, React.js, JQuery, and other UI frameworks, has an ability to create creative and innovative solutions to solve business problems and enhance customer engagement.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Data Security Analyst


An individual with excellent communication skills, having the ability to comprehend and learn Data Protocols and different concepts and searching for a place to utilize my academic knowledge and internship experience.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Analytics Manager


A fresher with internship experience in Analytics, and knowledge in driving growth, searching for a reputed company where I can utilise my skills to achieve the company’s goals.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Business Analyst


Master’s Degree in Business Administration, searching for an opportunity to showcase my skills and knowledge to enhance the overall growth and capabilities of the company.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Chartered Accountant


A candidate with strong accounting skills completed MBA in Finance and am searching for an opportunity where I can utilise my skills and knowledge across multiple accounts to achieve the organisation’s goals.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Financial Analyst


A certified Financial Analyst with analytics and technical skills, looking for a job opportunity in financial forecasting and budget planning to increase the organisation’s revenue in acquiring its overall growth.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Data Analyst


A responsible candidate with Bachelor’s degree in Finance, looking for a long-term career opportunity where I can utilise my skills in handling quantitative data.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Account Executive


An entry-level account executive with strong financial knowledge and communication skills, searching for a relevant position in an established organisation where I can use my skills in the field of an accountant to support the organisation in achieving its common goals.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Marketing Professional


A skilled candidate with a degree in Journalism and Mass Communication with an experience in lead generation, seeking an opportunity to handle customers’ relationships and their concerns on multiple platforms to grow the brand’s visibility and revenue.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Travel Agents


A dedicated candidate with a degree in hospitality, looking for an opportunity to work in a reputed company where I can utilise my excellent communication skills and exceptional customer service for a better experience.
As resume headlines help a CV to stand out, we hope the above samples help your curriculum vitae attract the recruiters’ attention. We will leave you here with our best wishes.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Civil Engineer


A Civil Engineer fresher with four months of experience as a civil engineer intern. Participated in designing, building, and overseeing infrastructure projects and systems

Resume Headline For Fresher – Content Writing


A versatile writer proficiently researching, writing and editing diverse content. Ability to create content as per industry requirements.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Commerce


Master/Bachelor of Commerce proficient in Microsoft Office with the capability to prepare audit plans and draft financial statements.

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Resume Headline For Fresher – Mass Communication


A master’s degree holder in Mass Communication, seeking a career in the ever-growing Digital Marketing. Interned for six months in a digital marketing agency where duties included creating brand awareness and generating sales. Keen understanding of Social PPC Campaigns and SEO/SEM.

Resume Headline For Fresher – BBA Law


A detail-oriented and highly motivated LLB graduate with six months of legal internship experience at J&K Law Firm. Worked attentively to analyse case merits, researched, and drafted pleadings for litigation.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Sales Executive


A bachelor’s degree holder with a knack for communicating with people and negotiating with customers to sell products and services.

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Resume Headline For Fresher – Electronics And Communication Engineer


A career-focused graduate with four months of internship experience as an Electronics and Communication Engineer. Possesses the knowledge of designing, developing, evaluating, and maintaining electronic systems and components.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Bachelor Of Arts


An aspiring teacher aiming to enlighten young minds with advanced teaching methods like team learning and e-learning.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Product Manager


A master’s degree holder in Business Administration with excellent people and communication skills who has a deep knowledge of Product Development Cycle and Scope.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Computer Science Engineer


A fresher in the Information Technology field, with strong analytical and technical skills. Worked as an intern for six months, where duties included providing technical support to the staff members and assisting in developing and installing software systems.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Electrical Engineer


A fresher graduate with four months of internship experience as an applications engineer familiar with testing tools, engineering theory, innovative designs and applications.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Teacher


A BA in English degree holder who aspires to be a responsible teacher who educates young minds with advanced teaching methods like team learning and e-learning. Have tutored over 20 students in the past year.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Mechanical Engineer


A fresher in Mechanical Engineering, with proven experience of five months as an intern, where I assisted engineers in machines inside buildings such as elevators and escalators. Ability to use CAD software, Microsoft Excel, 3D printer and graphing calculator.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Chemical Engineer


A fresher with six months as a Chemical Engineer with a deep knowledge of engineering principles and mathematics. Excellent project management and resource management skills.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Bioinformatics Engineer


A B. Tech in Bioinformatics degree holder with experience in designing and developing a web-based database and maintaining application versions using SVN.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Aeronautical Engineer


A fresher with basic knowledge of internal auditing processes and aerospace structures using automated and classical methods. Assisted distinguished aeronautical engineers in researching and designing prototypes for aircraft and spacecraft.

Resume Headline For Fresher – SEO Executive


BA Journalism graduate who is proficient in Google Analytics and Keyword Planner with the ability to ideate and create effective SEO strategies.

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Resume Headline For Fresher – Social Media Executive


A creative and perceptive fresher with the ability to conceive engaging social media campaigns as per the industry requirement. Proven experience as a Social Media Intern for six months, where my social media campaigns have helped convert ROI and garner wider reach.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Customer Service Executive


A new graduate with strong communication, people and negotiation skills who has completed six months of internship as a Customer Care Representative, where I could build and retain strong relationships with existing and new customers while meeting daily targets.

Resume Headline For Fresher – HR Professional


MBA (Human Resource Management) degree holder, having six years of experience as an HR recruiter and gained experience in screening, contacting and interviewing candidates.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Architect


BSc in Architecture degree holder who is proficient in SketchUp, Rhino 3D. AutoCAD, and Revit Architecture. Six months of experience as an Architect Intern, where I participated in creating designs for residential and commercial projects.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Software Developer


A B.Tech in Computer Science degree holder with proficiency in PHP, Java and C++, who has helped create solutions for desktop, web and mobile applications while interning for six months in Company X.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Java Developer


A bachelor’s degree holder with excellent communication, organisational, analytical and technical skills. Proficient in JDK (Java Development Kit).

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Resume Headline For Fresher – Networking Engineer


Computer Science graduate with in-depth knowledge of operating systems and Security Software who has experience in installing, configuring, and supporting firewalls to guarantee network security while interning for six months.

Resume Headline For Fresher – UI Designer


Proficient in visual design programs such as Adobe Dreamweaver and Adobe Photoshop who can create unique visuals. Six months of internship experience where I assisted in improving the look and feel of product software and creating storyboards.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Graphic Designer


A BCA degree holder with excellent communication, attention to detail and critical thinking skills who has completed four months of an internship program. Proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Vector Graphics Software, HTML, and CSS.

Resume Headline For Fresher – IT Technician


A holder of a Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology who is proficient in Database Programming and Software Installation. Excellent communication, organisational, analytical and interpersonal skills.

Resume Headline For Fresher – Web Developer


Creative and analytical thinker with a strong grasp of UX design for six months. Proficiency in HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Deep understanding of Search engine optimization (SEO) and back-end basics.

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As resume headlines help a CV to stand out, we hope the above samples help your curriculum vitae attract the recruiters’ attention.

We will leave you here with our best wishes.

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