Frequently Asked Questions

Therefore, presenting a list of most relevant FAQs on Contractual Jobs, so that all your queries are answered well:

Contract job is a flexible duration job wherein you shall be employed for a period of time like 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or so by a company on a contractual basis. That means you will be working on a time-period based contract, on contractor’s payroll but will be working at the Client’s workplace.

The staffing agency will be paying you for your contractual employment with a company.

Well, this totally depends upon you and your competencies. If you can work with multiple companies for multiple projects in a year, you surely can make more money through contract jobs.

The benefits given to the contractual employee totally depends upon the company employing you and will be processed & managed by the contractor.

It is preferable that you don’t leave in the middle of the process but if you do, you shall have to pay a certain amount as laid beforehand to you.

Yes, having a contract job surely will give you more flexibility as after the contract is over you will have time for yourself.

It may or may not. If in case it is required as per your job profile, that shall be made clear to you by the hiring company priorly.

Definitely yes, with every contract job you shall be learning new skills, technologies, systems, functionalities and challenges that will surely help you in your career ahead.

A contract job can be anywhere from 1 month to few months or may be years depending upon the hiring company’s requirement.

No, you won’t have flexible working hours. You will have to work under the timeframe as communicated by the hiring company.