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Fitter Job

Job Details

Job Description

We are searching for a skilled and talented Fitter to plan, draw, fabricate, fit and assemble components of the mechanical systems. The Fitter will be responsible for keeping a maintenance record and repairing mechanical systems. Besides, you will also be responsible for fitting parts into machinery and equipment, diagnosing parts for accuracy and fit, and using tools to cut, file, plane, bore and drill metal.

To become a successful Fitter, you should be focused and detail-oriented with analytical and problem-solving skills.

Fitter Responsibilities

  • Evaluating the blueprints for mechanical systems to understand the differentiation of the components that need to be constructed
  • Using a welding machine to combine the components
  • Building and constructing structural components from raw materials
  • Diagnosing fabricated components to ensure they are the right fit
  • Replacing broken or defective structural components
  • Following all work-site safety rules and regulations
  • Using shears, power saws, cutting torches, and chipper knives to cut structural components as required
  • Conducting testing on malfunctioning systems to understand the root cause of the malfunction

Fitter Requirements

  • Candidates who have completed a high school diploma or GED can apply for this
  • Valid state certification
  • Relevant experience of working as a Fitter
  • Understanding of local and state building codes
  • Know how to use power tools
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Time management
  • Focused
  • Understanding of blueprints for mechanical systems
  • Organisational skills
  • Communication skills
  • Welding and mechanical skills