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Full Stack Developer (Mean Stack)

Client: Assetmonk

Job Details

Job Description

  • Develop, Test, And Deploy Fast And Scalable Web Apps
  • Designing And Maintenance Of Fully Functional Non-Relational Databases
  • Timely Deployment Of Web Apps On The Cloud
  • Server Management And Cloud-Based Infrastructure
  • Establishment And Integration Of Development Tools As Required
  • Identification Of Application Issues When Deploying The Apps
  • App Deployment On The Cloud Along With Solving Debugging Issues
  • Coding Architecture For Frontend And Backend
  • Building Interactive Consumer Data
  • Collaboration With IT Team, Researchers, Designers For Designing Robust Apps And Encouraging Business Goals
  • Creating Features In Apps That Have A Mobile Responsive Design
  • Testing Applications And Fixing Bugs, Along With Security And Data Protection Features
  • Establish Code Architecture Decisions For Supporting Scalability And Good Performance
  • Makes Use Of Popular Front-End Frameworks Like Bootstrap, LESS, Etc And Design UI Components
  • Participation With Developers For The Creation Of Scalable RESTful APIs
  • Conducting Code Reviews Of Peer Developers

Technical Skills:

  • Expertise And Experience In The Four Main Technologies – MongoDB, Express, Angular, And NodeJS
  • Knowledge Of HTML/CSS, JQuery, AWS, Git, And Design Framework, Web Services, JSON, AJAX, Cryptography, And Security, Frontend CSS Frameworks Like Bootstrap, Etc.
  • High-Quality Programming Skills For A Robust Design
  • Experience In Application Architecture, Server Management, Cross-Browser Compatibility, Responsive Design, And Website Performance
  • Understanding Of DB Architecture Design And Programming Templates, Agile Methodologies, Client-Side And Server-Side Procedures
  • Familiarity With Package Manager-Npm
  • Server Management Skills

Soft Skills:

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Critical Thinking And Time Management
  • Good Team Players And Ability To Lead A Team Of Developers
  • Strong Problem-Solving And Analytical Skills
  • Collaboration Skills To Support Business Goals
  • Competence For Individual Contribution