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Job Description

Server Readiness, Resource Allocation, Vulnerability Assessment (VA)
 Environment Setup, Application for VPN with port 22, Server Infrastructure Assessment
 Public IP Request, SSL Certificate Procurement, Domain Registration
 Product Deployment, LDAP Application, Backup Request Form, SMS & eMail Gateways service
 Orientation Programme, Digital Signing Tool, Data Vetting, Training on Employee Master Data (EMD)
Management for EMD Managers, Training on File Management System for end-users etc.
 System Upgradation, Patching and general maintenance of software.
 Handling all application related issues through Log files.
 Remote assistance via internet and intranet.
 Performing server backup and restoration.
 Remotely access via PUTTY and ssh.
 Working on PostgreSQL Databases, Apache-Tomcat etc.

Key Skills

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