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Delivery Boy

Client: BB NOW

Job Description

We are searching for a trustworthy Delivery boy to deliver several types of packages to customers at their respective locations. Their responsibilities are to verify the identity of recipients and deliver packages to them, update the status that delivery has been done on the company's website, and accept payment for delivered packages whenever needed. He needs to follow delivery driving routes and time schedules. You should also ensure that the company's vehicle is well-maintained and refueled when required. Besides, you have to complete logs and reports, ask for feedback and offer services from the customers along with resolving their complaints.

For an effective career as a Delivery Boy, you must know the traffic rules and regulations. You should be able to understand routes to deliver the product timely.

Delivery Boy Roles & Responsibilities:

  • Delivering various types of packages to the respective customers
  • Planning and executing daily travel routes based on locations by framing the time
  • Loading and unloading packages without causing any damage
  • Accepting and recording payment status for delivered packages
  • Answering customers' queries and solving their complaints professionally and patiently
  • Looking after for any disparity with the delivered packages
  • Getting customers' signatures after every delivery
  • Punctually reporting any mishaps such as road accidents or traffic violations to the company
  • Cleaning, maintaining, washing, and refueling the company's vehicle

Delivery Boy Requirements:

  • Any candidate who has completed a high school diploma or GED can apply for this job profile
  • Must have a valid driving license
  • Have a clean driving record
  • Proven driving experience or relevant experience as a delivery boy is preferred
  • Knowledge of traffic rules and safety regulations
  • Must know local roads and routes of the working area
  • Time management skills
  • Excellent customer care service skills