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Area Sales Executive

Job Details

Job Description

Required Skills:

  • 2 years B2B sales experience
  • Effective Communication and Presentation Skills.
  • Strong analytical, networking and management skills.
  • Understanding business and technology scenarios and needs, identifying opportunities.
  • Research and build relationships with new clients.


Job Responsibilities:

  • Step into field, bring sales for Government contracts
  • Align meetings for Projects sales with clients for Work Orders
  • Connecting with clients, generating value and revenue.
  • To create sales report & submit it to the management.
  • Align your week schedules for meeting clients.
  • Create market strategy

Behavioral Competencies:

  • A dynamic, go-getter person who always takes the initiatives.
  • Task-oriented and goal-driven - focused on outcomes.
  • Creativity and innovative thinking abilities.
  • Committed to goal attainments.
  • Conscientious and accountable for whatever committed - transparency in actions.
  • A lifelong learner - a positive attitude to get into areas that might be unknown and then develop an in-depth understanding.
  • A team person - excellent inter-personal abilities, empathetic and compassionate.
  • Ability to handle work-related stress well; someone who can easily and comfortably balance professional and personal life.

Key Skills