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We provide end-to-end contract staffing services helping businesses to hire on contract
from the right pool of talent - accommodating their wide range of needs from
IT to Non-IT to Blue-collared temporary recruitment.

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End-to-end Contract Staffing Solutions

Temporary Hiring

For immediate needs of your seasonal workforce requirements and flexible jobs fall under this category.


For urgent recruitment of many skilled people required for a short-term or a medium to long-term project.

Pay-roll management

For completely outsourcing your HR management so that you’ve more time to focus on your core business.

Whether you are a business that would like to venture into the world of temporary staffing, or an organization trying to find exceptional matching talent for a specific project on a temporary basis, Contract Jobs has what you are looking for.

What is contract staffing?

Contract staffing refers to the recruitment of employees for short-term employment contracts instead of full-time permanent hiring. It also includes independent contracts, part-time work, seasonal work, as well as payroll management.

What is a contract-staffing services provider and how does it help?

Contract or temporary staffing services helps in providing matching qualified candidates to the businesses according to their temporary hiring requirements. It helps employers bypass various time-consuming recruitment processes so that they can save their efforts and focus on their core businesses. Contract jobs is one of the best contract staffing Services provided in india.

Typical contract-staffing services help fill temporary employee requirements of the business-owners for their short-lived projects, seasonal projects, or payroll services.

Core benefits of hiring a Contract Staffing Solutions Provider

  • Vast and diversified, Readily Available Talent Pool.
  • Quick Hiring, Cost Savings.
  • Less Burden on Internal HR Team
  • Keeping up with Legislation

As an employer, why and when should you opt for a contract-staffing Services?

If your business needs additional labour, hiring a contract-staffing solution provider can save your time and efforts, plus it offers other benefits as well, including flexibility and reduced potential legal risks. It is in fact, very useful for you as a company to engage with a contract staffing solution provider for your temporary-jobs openings, particularly in the following situations:

  • If there is an urgent requirement for many skilled people for a short-term, or for a medium to long-term project.
  • If your business is seasonal, and you don’t need workers throughout the year.
  • If you need highly qualified workers with some specialised skill sets.
  • If you are low on resources or have little time at your disposal to hire people.
  • If you want to reduce the hiring costs including having your own HR team.

Contract Jobs is India's leading contract jobs website and information portal for job-contractors and job-seekers. Our Contract Staffing services help employers relax and focus on their businesses while we assist them in dealing with their ever-changing contract workforce requirements depending on the ebbs and flows of their industry’s demands.

Why choose CJ staffing services?

CJ is one of the best contract staffing services providers in India. Our proprietary HR technology and large contract-staffing databases representing various disciplines, helps organizations to source the talent they need, quickly.

At CJ, it is not just about helping you fill your temporary job vacancies but it is also about building and maintaining your employer brand. We work with you to build a customized recruitment advertising campaign. This includes targeted contract jobs advertising across our exclusive digital network.

How can a Contract Jobs staffing solution provider can help your organization to reduce the contract hiring cost?

Managing end-to-end employment lifecycle

We take the burden of managing human resources off your hands. Our team will take care of sourcing, interviewing, payroll management, leave tracking, etc.

Quick and Responsive

We quickly do temporary hiring for you as per your work demand and on budget.

Demand Elastic

Our employment contract will be for a specific period depending on your project needs, unlike the traditional way of recruitment where manpower is hired for an indefinite period and the employer has to bear the associated cost even if their services are not required.

With our decades of extensive experience in the contract-staffing market, we offer personalized and tailored temporary staffing solutions to our clients.

We have contract-hired experienced and rightly skilled talent for some of India’s renowned corporate and government clients, including TCS, Tech Mahindra, Wipro, First Source, PayTm, E&Y, Ministry of Home Affairs, NICSI, NDRF, Directorate of Civil Defence, and many others.

Contract Jobs is one of the best contract staffing companies in india. You can safely Contact Us for outsourcing your contract recruitment. We will be happy to be your staffing services provider on record for contract to hire temporary employees for your organization.