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Jira Admin

Client: Wipro

Job Description

What you'll do:

  • Support JIRA and Confluence administration, including creation and management of custom, complex projects, workflows, security schemes, custom fields, dashboards, and reports configurations.
  • Lead minor and major JIRA/Confluence upgrades (including communications), schedule and coordinate maintenance, and lead performance tuning/scaling in conjunction with our JIRA hosting partner.
  • Install, manage and administer Jira add-ons, plugins, and extensions.
  • Understand and adapt XML configuration files in regard to JIRA integration as necessary.
  • Meet with stakeholders to identify JIRA Project and Confluence needs and implement them as appropriate.
  • Perform requirements gathering, business process workflows, and process improvement for JIRA/Confluence workflows and processes in place, identifying where functionality can/cannot meet user requests.
  • Training for stakeholders of cross-functional teams on JIRA and Confluence regarding how to use the tools, new functionality, etc.
  • Develop and compile training materials based on the department s needs.
  • Create, maintain, and support dashboards and advanced filters for end-users reporting capabilities.
  • Establish and execute data stewardship and best practices.