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Cognos BI

Client: Wipro

Job Details

Job Description

Key skills required for the job are Cognos BI-L3, (Mandatory).

  • Installing and Configuring Cognos on Linux systems, good knowledge of Unix for production support.
  • Administering, configuring, tuning, and maintaining Cognos BI 10.xx in non-prod and Production environments
  • Performing daily Cognos activities, such as report/package/cube deployments, managing users access, monitoring schedules, and monitoring overall system
  • Working with Cognos developers, IBM support, database administrators, and other IT operations resources to troubleshoot issues and ensure the system is working properly
  • Managing Cognos servers, including applying patches
  • Working closely with the report developers to manage deployments and security throughout the environment
  • Planning and coordinating outages with development team, database team, and other stakeholders
  • Managing the architecture, capacity, security, and system performance optimization (both Cognos and Windows), making technical recommendations as needed
  • Researching, assessing, and implementing Cognos best practices
  • Monitoring server resource utilization and administering servers to maintain system efficiency
  • Utilizing third-party tools to support administration and monitoring of system resources
  • Administering a large number of schedules and events to ensure best performance

Key Skills