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Big Data Developer

Client: Wipro

Job Details

Job Description

Architect having minimum 10 years of experience implementing Big Data solutions (including Large data sets in PBs- structured and unstructured) in large enterprise setting. 

Candidate has proficiency all tenets of being an enterprise solutions architect in Telecom domain, and should have fluency:

  1. in real-time ingestion/streaming  options for large data set flows
  2. Big Data Developers with hands-on experience in design, development on Azure Cloud
  3. Cloud models
  4. Public (Azure)
  5. Private (onPrem)
  6. Hybrid cloud and seamless integration between the two.
  7. Consumption of Big Data
  8. Aggregation strategies
  9. Micro service architecture
  10. Subscription model
  11. API  (Rest, graphql)
  12. Modeling for Insight/KPI factory
  13. Product Development
  14. Communication Domain Knowlge-
  15. Big Data relative to Telecom
  16. Understanding Key Data Element- EDR,CDR, LSR
  17. Product Development for consumption from the Key data element
  18. Digital 360
  19. Tooling- Jenkins, Dockers, Kubernetes, DevOps etc.
  20. Process- 
  21. Methodologies- safe Agile
  22. Technologies
  23. Hadoop
  24. Spark
  25. Scala
  26. PowerBI
  27. Working knowledge of Machine learning (good to have)

Key Skills