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Angular Developer

Client: Wipro

Job Details

Job Description

Primary Skill: Strong Angular developer with Micro front experience

  • Experience in different approaches like Isolation of Micro-apps into Client Side Includes App/Components.
  • Experience in Single-SPA meta-framework to combine multiple frameworks on the same page without refreshing the page such a Angular 7,8,10 etc.
  • Multiple single-page application living at different URLs using NPM or Bower components for shared functionality
  • Experience in npm Registry Config/packaging/publishing, Different modules to communicate with each other.
  • Using Component Libraries (Angular Material) depending on the stack of the main app for different components and app sections.
  • Usage of Web components as an integration layer - Custom Elements (Angular Elements, Stencil, Polymer or Nutmeg), Shadow DOM, HTML Imports, HTML Templates - completed with both logic and visual representation packed together
  • Micro-services modules like Service Registry, Service Discovery, Composition/ Orchestration/ Transformation, Monitoring, Load Balancing, and Scaling, HA and Failover, Governance.

Key Skills