Why is “6 months work- 6 months off’ concept G.O.A.T?

Choose your Lifestyle with Contractual Jobs – Contract JobsWith a monotonous job at hand, you can surely think of paying your bills but can you also think of paying equal attention to your lifestyle, your goals, your dreams, your short-term targets etc.?

We know there’s a resounding NO that’s going on in your mind!

That’s true! 

Because being in a dead-end job which with time becomes something else is indeed tiring. But then what is the solution? How to break this monotony?


Yes, with contract jobs you get to choose your lifestyle! You work for 6 months and for the rest you can just decide what you’d like to do, take up another assignment or just fly off to your favorite destination and explore the world!

We all have that wanderlust but it is somehow suppressed by the routine of the jobs we all do. This is the catch!

Don’t have any monotonous routine, try out some adventure and live the best time of your life by having a contract job!

What do you want out of life?

How do you want to live your life?

These questions need to be answered by you and no one else. And that is what a contract job does for you. It gives you the liberty to make life-decisions that you really want. It brings to you a sense of self-importance and a feeling of utmost enjoyment.

For the rest of 6 months, you get to have zero work-stress, zero anxious moments, zero work drama and politics and literally zero WORK!

Taking 6 months off will give you an opportunity to be at your creative self, prioritize opportunities and seek out collaborations with people who are passionate about living life to the fullest!

Your contract job will fetch all this for you and more so that you have the best experiences of your life while you are not working. 

Trust us, you are in a win-win situation!

How? You ask!

For the 6 months of employment, you get to have a job that you love doing and for the rest of 6 months, you get to enjoy your time which you always wanted!

Win-Win situation, isn’t it?

Well, not only this, with a contract job like this, you will have an opportunity to rejuvenate yourself, have clearer uninterrupted thoughts and stronger instincts.

This experience will be nothing short of a mental life spa that will only make you a stronger version of yourself!