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Top Web Development Trends in 2021

Web Development Trends in 2021

As the world revolves around us, the advancement of technology is rapidly increasing. Thanks to the Internet, almost everything can be done with the help of websites & applications – we can now shop from home, work from anywhere, stay connected with our loved ones from almost any corner of the world.

And honestly, where would we be without tech gurus such as web designers and developers, who are constantly developing World Wide Web applications to make living so much easier for us?

If you want a career in web development, this article will showcase some of the top web development trends of 2021 that will definitely help you in landing your dream job in web development.

But before we go any further, let’s familiarize ourselves with web development.

What is Web Development?

In layman’s terms, web development is the development and maintenance of the World Wide Web sites. The field has many high-paying and in-demand career paths such as Front-end Developers,  Full-Stack Developers, Web Designers, among others. 

To find the perfect job in web development, one must have certain skill sets and must always stay abreast of the latest technology trends. 

Here are some of the latest web development trends of 2021 

Progressive Web Apps (PWA):

A website designed and developed from web technologies such as JavaScript, CSS and HTML, that acts like a mobile app is what PWA is.  One can now turn websites into a PWA. 

As of 2019, PWAs are available on Google Chrome for Windows, macOS, Chrome OS, Linux and Microsoft Edge for Windows. Services such as Uber, Twitter and Instagram are currently utilizing this innovative website technology. 

Artificial Intelligence Development:

Thanks to the development of Artificial Intelligence, such as chat bots, our experience while visiting websites or using apps has become more dynamic and fun. Implementing AI in web development has become a trend for companies in assessing customer choices. For instance, when buying a pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses online, you can now actually try them on virtually through virtual 3D try-ons in some websites such as Lenskart. 

Companies can now determine which product is in high demand or what customers might need next. 

Through Augmented reality and virtual reality, one can now feel like they are in a whole other place or even world. 

Voice Search and Navigation:

Thanks to voice-oriented hands-free services and gadgets, the world has fallen in love with Siri and Alexa.

Who wouldn’t?

They basically do the tedious jobs for us such as searching for nearby restaurants because we are hungry but too lazy to drive around in search of a restaurant or doing a task as simply as opening our music app and pressing play. 

Plus, getting directions to your destination while driving has become so much easier. You can easily follow the voice telling you which lanes to take and turns to make without you having to look at the map. 

Motion design UI:

If there’s one trend that is making its way to the top in 2021, it’s motion design UI.

Motions make UI animated and fun with its clean minimalistic look and innovative interactions. It helps businesses in making their apps or websites more exceptional as compared to their competitors, given its design is good of course. 

Server less Architecture:

On their website, Amazon Web Services (AWS), explains server less architecture as “a way to build and run applications and services without having to manage infrastructure. Your application still runs on servers, but all the server management is done by AWS. You no longer have to provision, scale, and maintain servers to run your applications, databases, and storage systems.”

Thanks to server less technologies, tasks such as downloading backup files, and  delivering notifications, among others, have become more easier as third-party services will manage the server. 

Cloud technology:

The cloud is a virtual storage space on the Internet where one can save files, software, and applications. This technology is used by individuals and organizations to store their data. 

So, you don’t have to worry if the file is too big of a file for your system, cloud computing is basically a flash drive where you will be able to store files up to 500GB. You will be able to access your file from anywhere. 

5G Technology:

Remember 2G? Remember having to wait for your file to download like forever? How patient were we back then!

Then came 3G and now almost everyone uses 4G networks. And now, we get to welcome 5G, It provides faster network connectivity with enhanced capability. It is created for augmented reality, virtual reality as well as 4k video streaming. 

Mixed Reality (MR):

An amalgamation of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), MR is a space where physical and digital objects come together. It opens the links between human, computer, and environment interaction. 

An example of an MR is holograms. 

Companies are utilizing AR and VR on their websites  to give customers a different online shopping experience. 

These are some of the latest trends in Web Development you need to be updated about to grow in your career with the changing times.

Please share your views in the comments section. 

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