Tips on Standing out in a Competitive Job Market during Coronavirus Pandemic

How to be competitive in Job SearchThe outbreak of the novel coronavirus has affected the lives of many people across the globe. Due to lockdowns and other restrictions, many businesses have to make certain cuts to save their company. Unfortunately, as a result, many employees had to be let go.

According to Statista, on May 17, 2020, India witnessed a 24 percent rise in unemployment. So, one can only imagine just how many people are on the job hunt right now and that too while the job market is in peril.

Now, we, at understand, how tough the competition is in finding jobs. But, fret no longer as we share with you a few important tips that will definitely help you to stand out during your job search in this competitive job market.

Let’s get started.

  • Stick to the Status Quo
    While applying for jobs, stick to a field or position you already have experiences in. Applying for random jobs just because they are available will only waste your time and resources. Focusing on a job that is relevant to your experience will help you in getting a better response and results.
  • Highlight your strengths in your Resume
    Every company hires employees to do tasks in the most efficient manner. Highlight your skill as a problem solver and how you have executed projects flawlessly in your resume. Let your resume project you as the best possible choice to fill the job vacancy.
  • Expand your Horizon
    Mentioning new skills you have learned during your hiatus in your resume will definitely give a boost to your resume. Start applying for online classes to learn, improve or develop new skills. Recruiters are on the lookout for someone who is willing to learn new things and has good skills set. Ensure that you have the skills required for the job you are applying for by going through the job descriptions.
  • Nail your virtual interview
    To keep social distancing intact, many companies are conducting interviews virtually. Now, even though you may not have to see the interviewer(s) face-to-face, this does not mean it is different from any other regular interview. You still need to present your best self. Dress smart and make sure that your laptop is placed in a room with less distractions and that the background is neat. This will show the recruiters your professionalism.
  • Stay active
    Be active on social media and stay up to date on the latest tech trends. Always log in on your online job portal profiles to let recruiters know that you are actively looking for a job.

Now, it is unclear when the job market will bounce back as this pandemic is quite unpredictable. But, until then, we hope the above-mentioned tips help you in standing out in the competitive job market during this COVID pandemic.

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