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Interview Tips: How to Be Confident in an Interview

how to be confident in an interview

Pressure can be high during job interviews. Our nervousness tends to somehow mess up the interview even when we give it our all. Sometimes we blabber and sometimes we are just speechless. The thoughts running through our mind are all jumbled when we speak out. Yes, interviews can be stressful.

The fear of the interviewer not liking us added with the fear of saying the wrong thing can be exhausting. We understand it all too well. We’ve all been there.

Now, imagine how awesome it would be if you could ace your interview without being nervous. Well, the key is confidence.

How to be confident in an interview.

  • Practice: Practicing your answers in front of a mirror or with the help of your family members or friends boosts your confidence. Just google the most asked questions in an interview and start practicing your answers. Ask one of your friends or family members to act as the interviewer. Have a few audiences too. This will help you gradually build up your confidence.How to be confident in an interview
  • Self-motivation: Before you enter the interview room, remind yourself that you belong there. You deserve to be there. You have worked hard and it has led you to this moment. The interviewer wouldn’t have called you if he/she didn’t think you have the potential. Self-motivation will calm your nerves and help you think positively, which in turn builds confidence. Also, remind yourself that the interviewer is a human too and that humans have empathy and understanding.
  • Build rapport: Most of the time, we are so focused on giving a good impression that we forget to make a connection with the interviewer. Being engaged in the conversation and building rapport distract our mind from all the nervous thoughts and start gaining confidence. Active listening is key.
  • Interviewers are humans too: Remind yourself that interviewers are humans too. You are not going in there to go face-to-face with a beast. You are going in to meet a fellow human being who will understand if you make a few mistakes. We are all capable of slipping up every now and then. No one is perfect. Remind yourself of these. This will definitely ease your mind and give you confidence.
  • Listen to music: In 2008, a study conducted by the University of Helsinki in Finland revealed that music gives you a positive mood. It can reduce anxiety and improve mental alertness. So, pump up your confidence by listening to positive music that’ll inspire you as well. This will definitely calm you and your nerves down.
  • Body language: During the interview, you have to mind your body language. But don’t do it to the point that you are uncomfortable. Yes, it’s good to sit straight. However, if the way you are sitting makes you feel uncomfortable, you are likely to become more nervous, start to sweat and pray for the interview to end soon. This will only butcher your answers and that in turn will make you anxious. So, find a comfortable position when you sit.

Interviews are nerve-racking because it’s like you are on a blind date, which can put a lot of pressure on someone. Conversation is a two-way street. Both parties present their best selves and want to know more about each other.

As long as you follow the above-mentioned tips, we are sure you’d do just fine.

Good luck and we hope the tips help you in finding the perfect job.

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