Tips for first day at new job

first day at workSo, you’ve finally landed your dream job.


Starting a new career can be exciting. However, starting your first day at a new job is another story. It can be daunting. Our nervousness tends to get the best of us that we don’t always give the best first impression. 

But, fret not for we are here to help you. Following are a few tips for your first day at a new job. 

Dress Appropriately:

Before you join the office, ask HR or your interviewer about the dress code. Most offices go for formals or semi-formals. So, the night before your first day, pick out the appropriate attire and after they are neatly pressed, hang them out in order to avoid creases. 

Don’t be late:

Do not, by any means, be late on your first day at work. That is not the way to get on your supervisor’s good grace. In fact, show up early to familiarize yourself with the environment. Plan which routes to take to the office in order to avoid traffic. 

Go through all documents carefully:

The first day is usually spent on the employer or HR to give you necessary documents such as an offer letter, employment contract, etc. Always go through them thoroughly before signing anything. If needed, tell them that you need a day to review all materials. 

Ask questions:

You will be a little lost on the first day. It is perfectly normal to ask questions to your employer, colleagues, or supervisors. This will help you in avoiding making mistakes. However, refrain from asking questions that are too simple or something that is already expected from or of you. 

Have an elevator pitch ready:

Your new colleagues are definitely going to ask you questions about yourself and your work experience. To save both time and energy, prepare an elevator pitch that explains where you’ve been and where you are going in your career.

Avoid taking personal calls:

You cannot spend your first day in the office taking personal calls most of the day. Use your lunch break for taking calls or using your phone. Be present and available to your supervisor and employer. 

Mind your body language:

Like you may have already done during your interview, mind your body language as well on your first day at work. To show that you are confident and comfortable enough, sit or stand straight and do not be fidgety. Even when talking to your colleagues, do not be stiff and nod every now and then to let them know that you are paying attention to the conversation.

Leave on a good note:

After completing your tasks flawlessly and before you leave the office for the day, thank your supervisors and bid goodbye to your colleagues as well. Good manners go a long way in making a good impression.

We hope the above-mentioned tips for your first day at a new job will help you in having a great experience with your new employer. 

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