Things to keep in mind when taking a new job during Covid-19

Things to keep in mind when taking a new job during Covid-19The coronavirus pandemic has resulted in an increase in unemployment in India. While many people are laid off, many leave their jobs to be with their families during these very challenging times.

The job market and recruitment process have also changed drastically. However, do not let all these discourage you if you are thinking of taking a new job. As a matter of fact, this blog will definitely help you in strengthening your decision making process.

Here, we are going to highlight a few tips that you have to keep in mind when taking a new job during this coronavirus pandemic.


While there are many reasons as to why a person may want to switch his/ her job, what exactly is your reason? Is it because you want a hike in your salary? Better role or position? Better career opportunities?

Well, that is one thing you need to be clear of. The sooner you have your definite reason, the sooner you will be able to make the right choice in choosing the right company for you.

Pinpointing your reason will help you to stay focused and in narrowing down your search.

Once you’ve found your reason, all you have to do is look for organisations that will be able to provide you with your requirements.


It is important for you to analyse the values you hold dear that will help work more efficiently. Each organisation has their own values and work culture. To be happy in your workplace, you need to see which one aligns with your values.

Go to the website of the company you are applying for. There, you will be able to determine if their values, mission and workplace culture tune with yours.

Job role

Before you take on a new role, ensure that you thoroughly go through the job description. Taking a new job during this pandemic is one thing but imagine if you don’t like your new roles and responsibilities. Would you want to go through the hassles of finding a new job again? Especially when finding a new job is really tough due to economic recession.

The job description should tell you all you need to know about the roles and responsibilities. If you are not clear about a particular topic, do not hesitate to ask the recruiter for clarification.

Growth opportunities

You do not want to be stuck in a job for years where you have not been able to grow personally and professionally because the company you are working for is not performing well.

For this, it is imperative that you do a thorough research about the company‘s latest accomplishments, achievements and awards. Go to their website or their social media profiles.


Before you join a new organisation, it is wise to get reviews from reliable sources. Reviews written on reputed websites such as Glassdoors can sometimes be altered by employers to give themselves good names. So, it is best that you reach out to someone who has already worked there. You can connect with them through job-oriented social media platforms such as LinkedIn or Facebook.

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. Keep the above-mentioned pointers in your mind when you are planning to switch your job.

We will leave you here with our best wishes.

Good luck!

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