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10 Tips For Starting A New Job As A Remote Employee

10 Tips For Starting A New Job As A Remote Employee

2020 was the year that changed the world and the lives of everyone in it. To this day, many things still haven’t gone back to the way they used to. In order to maintain social distancing and follow the safety protocols for Covid-19, work from home or work from anywhere has become a new norm. While it comes with many advantages, one of its challenges is joining a new company or starting a new job. Since almost everything has to be done remotely, onboarding is now being done virtually via video conferencing tools, online resources and webinars.

Joining a new company and starting a new job amidst this global pandemic can be exciting yet scary. And because you won’t be in the office, you won’t even get to see your new supervisors or colleagues face-to-face. So, how will you get a handle on how things are done and who will be the person to show you the ropes? Will your work performance or productivity decline? If such questions ever crossed your mind, know that you are not alone.

In this blog, we will share a few tips on starting a new job as a remote employee to make your transition smoother.

Let’s dive right into it.

10 Tips For Starting A New Job As A Remote Worker

1. Set Up A Work Space

Set Up A Work Space

If you are working from home, the first thing you will need is a laptop or PC, a good internet connection and a room you can lock from the inside. If you don’t have a spare room, you could also find a corner with fewer distractions and a clean & solid background as you will have to make video calls now and then.

2. Dress Appropriately

Dress Appropriately

Much like you would for an office, wear your office clothes every working day. Dressing professionally will boost your confidence and increase your productivity as long as you feel like a million bucks. You could never go wrong with semi-formals.

3. Prepare for Virtual Onboarding

Prepare for Virtual Onboarding

As mentioned earlier, onboardings are now done virtually for those working remotely. And even though you may not be able to face your new supervisors and colleagues face-to-face, it is still an essential process of the new job that you must not take lightly. List down all the inquiries you might have and still don your best outfit. Face to face or not, first impressions still matter.

4. Ask Your Supervisor For Meetings

Ask Your Supervisor For Meetings

As you will be working away from the office, getting in touch with your supervisor will not be as easy as you would expect. You cannot call him every half an hour just so he could spoon-feed you, and he won’t be able to check in on you all the time. You are responsible for your own project and deadlines. To ensure that you are starting on the right path, do not hesitate to ask your supervisor for a meeting every day, even for a few minutes or at least thrice a week. Your progress depends on you taking initiatives, and this way, his feedback will help you understand which areas you need to work on.

5. Ask Your Supervisor For A Buddy

Ask Your Supervisor For A Buddy

Most companies pair new joiners with a relatively senior employee who will show them the ropes and the ins and outs of the company. Even if you are working remotely, you can still request a work buddy who will help you out when necessary. Once a buddy has been assigned to you, ask the person which way of communication would be best for him. For instance, he might be more comfortable communicating via text rather than calls.

6. Be A Team Player

Be a Team Player

Even if you are cities or states away from your team members, it doesn’t change that you are still a team and that teamwork is still a must to get the job done right. So, set a time for each team member to introduce themselves individually to get to know them professionally.

7. Be Professional Always

Be Professional Always

Do not turn off your video when you are in a video conference with your colleagues, supervisor, or anyone from the company. Let them see you and mind your body language and facial expressions. Do remember to smile and nod your head now and then. Do not interrupt when others are speaking.

8. Work On Your Time-Management Skills

Work On Your Time-Management Skills

This is the perfect time to work on your time management skills as there won’t be anyone to micromanage you. You need to follow the proper working hours that your company follows. Be at your desk on time and take breaks at regular intervals. Managing your time effectively and being professional throughout the 9 hours work shift will improve your productivity and enhance your skill sets.

9. Be Patient

Be Patient

The first few weeks of your new job as a remote worker will not be easy, especially if you are new to it. If you feel disconnected from the team or uninterested, you need to take the initiative to be active. With many barriers in the virtual environment, there will be a few setbacks from both ends during your time of transition and adjustment. So, you would need to keep your calm and have patience. Eventually, you will get the hang of it. You will need to keep motivating yourself. You could even talk to your manager and ask him how you can be more of a team player.

10. Keep Away From Distractions

Keep Away From Distractions

Distractions at home not only include your friends dropping by unannounced or your family members expecting you to do household chores, but also being on your phone to make calls every hour, play games, or check your social media profiles. Anything that has the potential to hamper your workflow, keep them away from your workspace.

As we are all still learning to adjust to the new life and new world that the pandemic has brought, it is perfectly okay to be at a loss at times. Remember that you are not alone. Now that you have the tools to nail your new job as a remote worker, go get them!

We will leave you here with our best wishes.

Until next time, good luck!

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