Job Search: List of career options in India

In kindergarten, when asked what we wanted to be when we grow up, we’d reply, “I want to be a princess or a prince.” As we grew older our answers would change to, “I want to be a doctor/pilot/astronaut/engineer.” However, as time goes by and we start to really understand our interests and capabilities, we follow and pursue what we know and are good at. 

Problem is, not all of us know what we want to do in life and when the time comes for us to choose which career path to follow, we are lost. We start to look at our skills and career options and it doesn’t help us pinpoint our choice when there are far too many professions to choose from. 

Well, let us help you in narrowing down your search by listing out some of the best career options in India

Best career options in India

1. Computer Science Engineering:Best Career Options

Living in the computer age, professions that have to do with computers are always in demand with handsome salaries. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Learning, experimenting and analyzing technological fields like robotics, artificial intelligence, and virtual reality.
  • Creating new products or solving practical computing problems.
  • Analyzing and conceptualizing computational and math’s-related issues
  • Doing research including experimentation and modelling
  • Come up with new hardware or computing techniques and materials
  • Collaborating with programmers, IT professionals, and mechanical, electrical or software engineers to solve problems and create new products
  • Improving the performance of existing computer systems and software.

Skills required to be Computer Science Engineering:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Communication skills
  • Mathematics
  • Hardware experience 
  • Programming languages like Python or Java.

2. Doctor:

One of the most respected and sought after professions is a doctor. Plus, the pay is not at all shabby either. 

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Treat patients’ medical problems by referring to their history, narrowing down diagnosis, treatment, counseling and referral, when necessary
  • Maintain confidentiality and impartiality at all times
  • Teaching and supervising trainee doctors.
  • Maintaining accurate notes, as a legal record and for other healthcare professionals to use
  • Collaborating with other doctors, healthcare professionals as well as management staff
  • Prescribing and reviewing patients’ medication.

Skills required to Be Doctors:

  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills
  • Bedside manners 
  • Analytical skills 
  • Ability to work for long hours under pressure 
  • Practical skills 
  • Leadership and management skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Drive to continue learning throughout career
  • Time management

3. Navy Merchant:

For those who love to travel and be on the sea, navy merchant is the best career option. The pay and job security are enough to entice one to be a navy merchant.

Roles and responsibilities:

  • Navigating the vessel with a range of satellite and radar systems and equipment
  • Checking weather conditions and navigation reports
  • Undertaking the care and safety of passengers on board 
  • Supervising the operation and maintenance of deck machinery
  • Handle ship communication system 
  • Overseeing the ship to make sure that its health and safety are maintained.
  • Overseeing safety, firefighting and life-saving equipment
  • Stay up to date with developments in maritime legal, commercial and political matters.

Skills required to be Navy Merchant:

  • Decision making skills
  • Mathematical skills
  • Interest in technology 
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Self-reliance and confidence 
  • Be able to remain calm under pressure
  • Leadership skills
  • Communication skills
  • Teamwork skills
  • Leadership skills
  • knowledge of mechanical and electrical systems.

4. Lawyer:

If you want to help people and make differences in people’s lives, being a lawyer will allow you to do just that. The profession comes with high respect and good pay.

Roles and responsibilities: 

  • Giving legal advice and guidance 
  • Drafting contracts
  • Attending court hearings 
  • Going through statements of witnesses 
  • Collecting evidences 
  • Researching case studies 
  • Meeting clients
  • Representing the clients during trials
  • Staying up to date with changes in the law.

Skills required to be Lawyer:

  • Analytical skills
  • Problem solving skills
  • Communication skills 
  • Research skills
  • Perseverance
  • Creativity
  • Logical thinking skills
  • Public speaking skills
  • Listening skills 
  • Writing skills
  • Decision making skills
  • Enquiring skills
  • Comprehension skills
  • Ability to be calm under pressure.

Well, we hope the above mentioned careers help you in at least narrowing down your career choices and finding highest salary jobs in India. Remember that most professions take time to master them. So, allow hard work and patience to be your best friends.