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Importance of a Transparent Work Environment at the Workplace

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Communication and trust are the main ingredients for a healthy and successful relationship, including those between employees and employers. Transparency at the workplace builds trust and loyalty, which are important for productivity and building a robust company culture. 

For a company to succeed, the relationship between the supervisors and the employees needs to be strong, and for the relationship to be strong, there has to be open communication between the two parties. When communication is easy between them, whenever the employee faces any setbacks, he will feel comfortable discussing it with his manager who in turn will motivate him while assisting him in handling the problem. Lack of communication and trust often leads to failure of projects because the employee rode solo without consulting his supervisor. 

Moreover, at a workplace where there is no trust because communication is taxing, employees do feel like minions whose purpose is to do what they are told. Eventually. They lose their interest in their work and over time they start functioning like zombies. If they don’t feel valued or appreciated, they tend to feel like an outsider who doesn’t see any point in giving his 100% for a company he has no attachment with. This leads to poor quantity and quality of work. 

Be it a big company or a start-up, it is a propitious idea to implement transparency at the workplace. So, in this article, let’s take a look at why it is important to create a transparent workplace environment. 

What is a Transparent Workplace?

In layman’s terms, a transparent workplace is an office environment where employees and their supervisors share information openly and comfortably. To boost employee productivity as well as morale and produce long-term success, companies must adopt workplace transparency. 

Importance of Transparent Workplace:

Building Trust:

Lack of open communication results in the absence of trust. Trust between employees and their supervisors is crucial for long-term success. Without trust, it is difficult to collaborate and work as a team and we all know how important teamwork is to generate a desirable result. As the company makes work transparency a policy, there will be a certain level of trust between the workers and the supervisors resulting in the achievement of organizational goals. 

Boosting Employee Engagement:

Employees feel appreciated and valued when they are involved in the decision-making processes of the company. They feel like they are a part of the family, which gives them a sense of ownership. This further drives them to increase their productivity. 

In a transparent workplace, employees are kept in the loop prompting them to thrive for the sake of the company as well as themselves.

Increasing the Productivity:

As long as the employee is happy at the workplace, he continues to enjoy his work and give his 100% performance. Therefore, the quality and quantity of his work will improve. 

Creation of Healthy Company Culture:

The stature of the company culture plays an important role in determining the success of the company. In a transparent environment, where communication becomes naturally effortless, employees are cordial towards one another, which helps in shaping wholesome company culture. 

Improving Customer Satisfaction:

The alleviated mood of the employee on account of the transparent workplace environment allows him to be positive & friendlier while communicating with the customers. This helps in customer satisfaction & strengthening customer loyalty towards the company. 

Improves Time and Attendance Systems (TNA):

In a transparent environment, people feel appreciated and happy. If they enjoy being at the office, they are eager to work and being disciplined. They do not feel obliged to be at the office just because they need to, rather, they show up with much enthusiasm. 

As you can see in the above-mentioned points, transparency at the workplace increases productivity, produces good results, strengthens customer relationships and creates a healthy company culture, which all are the key ingredients of a successful company.

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