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How to use Contract-jobs.com for your next dream job

How to Use Contract-jobs.com

Gone are the days when one had to look for a job through newspaper or television ads. Thanks to the Internet, looking for a job has become so much easier. There are now many online job portals where one can easily register and apply for jobs. Job marketplace such as Contract-jobs.com has helped many Indian job seekers in finding employment without much hassle.

Now, you may be new to Contract-jobs.com and wonder how it works. Well, in this blog, we are going to show you the steps to follow to find the best contract jobs that India has to offer.

But, before we get started, let’s get to know a little bit about Contract-jobs.com.

Contract-jobs.com is a flexible period contractual job marketplace where job seekers can search and apply for private and government contract basis jobs. The contract can last anywhere from 1 month to a few years.

Find your dream contractual job through Contract-jobs.com

Registration & Verification

You need to register and verify your email address & mobile number on Contract-jobs.com to make us know that you are interested in contractual job opportunities from us.

Profile Creation

Once registered & verified you have to create your profile on Contract-jobs.com. The profile is most critical, as it represents you for various job vacancies on the portal. A complete profile increases your chances for shortlisting as the recruitment team is able to get a complete picture of your skill sets, experience & certifications. So make sure you submit the complete details while creating the profile on Contract-jobs.com.

Job Application

Once your profile is created and verified on Contract-jobs.com, you can browse and apply for various job opportunities available on the portal. We also send regular job updates to you, based on your skill sets and experience.

Now, even though our database contains all your information such as professional experiences, educational qualifications, special skills, etc.,

Steps you could follow to be considered for job opportunities.

  1. Fill out all the necessary and important details such as your educational qualification, your previous & current work profile, and experience, skills, contact details, etc. This will ensure that your profile is complete and recruiters are able to contact you easily when required. Complete profiles are given more weightage while shortlisting candidates for job opportunities.
  2. Recruiters tend to look for candidates who are active recently (eg: active in the last 24 hours). So, make sure that you log in at least once a day on Contract-jobs.com.
  3. Log in regularly and browse jobs on Contract-jobs.com to make sure that you don’t miss out on new job openings. Jobs are updated regularly on the portal.
  4. Always update your profile when there is an addition to your skill sets, certifications, awards or any new information is to be added. This increases the chances of your profile being shortlisted for the job opportunity.
  5. Always check to see if you have received any message from the recruitment team and make sure that you send a reply whether you are interested or not. This way, recruiters will know that you are a serious candidate looking for job opportunities.

The above-mentioned tips will surely increase your profile visibility on Contract-jobs.com as long as you follow them.

We wish you a successful job hunting on Contract Jobs

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