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How to be successful in times of Gig Economy

How to be successful in times of Gig Economy

The gig economy is booming especially during this coronavirus pandemic. Why? Well, due to the recession brought on by the outbreak of COVID-19, employers are giving preference to hiring manpower on contractual basis, as it saves recruitment costs while availing the services of best available talent for the job requirements.

Job seekers too are inclined towards contract jobs as they offer flexibility and work life balance. Plus, in many cases, the salary offered for contractual jobs in Gig Economy is much better as compared to regular jobs.

With the rapid rise of Gig Economy, the question is, “ How to stand out in the competitive job market to be successful?”

How to be successful in Gig Economy.

Before we get started, let’s take a look at what exactly is the Gig Economy. Simply put, it is the latest trend in the job market, where jobs are offered for a specific period or project in lieu of an undefined or permanent period. With the gig economy, you have the flexibility to choose your lifestyle.

  1. You need to really put yourself out there. How? Network. Join groups and communities on various social media platforms that are relevant to your profession. There, advertise yourself with the skill sets you have and the services you can offer and follow up regularly. This way, you will have wider reach and the wider your reach the better your chance of finding new projects to work on.
  2. Always be active at least a few minutes a day on the many job portals that you have registered in to let employers know that you are actively looking for job opportunities. Employers tend to look at the last active status when scouting talents.
  3. Make sure that your resume highlights your skill sets, certifications, awards and the projects you have worked on in detail. This will showcase your professionalism and make your resume stand out.
  4. Offer more services. For instance, say you are a content writer, let them know that besides writing articles and blogs, you can also offer your services in social media postings such as copyrighting.
  5. Know your worth. Let clients know whether you want to be paid hourly or project-wise before accepting any project. This way, you will be able to present yourself as an entrepreneur.

Well, we hope the above-mentioned points help you in standing out in the competitive job market to become successful in times of Gig Economy.

Good luck!

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