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How Covid-19 Pandemic has affected Recruitment

Impact of COVID-19 on Recruitment – How to Handle the Situation.

The outbreak of COVID-19 has rendered the downfall of global economies. Businesses are facing reservations all around the globe. New protocols are made with innovative techniques in different companies to maintain stability during this ill-timed recession. Recruitment, in particular, has been implementing modern solutions to hire candidates.

In this blog, we, at contract-jobs.com, are going to show you the opportunities we offer for employers who are facing recruitment issues due to the outspread of coronavirus. However, before we go into details let us take a quick look at how this epidemic has affected recruitment.

Impact of COVID-19 on recruitment

  • Due to the limited budget brought on by the economic recession, many companies have to let go of their employees. Many organizations are working with a limited workforce presence in the office.
  • The recruitment process is changed with minimal face to face interaction. As we know that direct interaction with anyone is to be avoided, recruiters all around the round are facing issues in conducting face-to-face interviews.
  • Following the protocol of maintaining at least 1 meter (3 feet) distance when interacting with anyone, welcoming new hires has to be done remotely, over the phone, or through video call (in case of work-from-home). Even new hires are required to work from home.

We understand the issues that most of you, dear employers, are facing during this rampant virus. Therefore, we have a simple solution for you that’s guaranteed to make your day. We will be handling the complete recruitment process including candidate verification, payroll management, and so on. This way, recruitment becomes effortless through us. All you, the employer, have to do is be minimally involved while we take care of such formalities.

With contract jobs, you will get to recruit candidates on a contract basis.

Simply put, a contract basis job is an employer that needs candidates to agree to terms of a contract before he/she joins a new company. The duration ranges from a month to a few years. As a recruiter, you will get to hire employees for however long the service is required.

You can hire employees only for the period you need the manpower, which will result in the reduction of manpower cost.  In addition, manpower management is also handled by us, which also reduces the expenses for employers. Therefore, contract jobs are boon for employers struggling with the recession, cost-cutting, and employee layoff.

Our state-of-the-art HR tech will help you in interviewing candidates virtually. This will make hiring more efficient and safe for all parties involved. Moreover, you will be saving time, energy, and resources.

So, hurry up and sign up with us today!

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