How Contractual Hiring are Recession Proof Hiring

With the early onset of unemployment due to the rapid escalation of COVID-19, the world has taken a pause to heal itself. This “pause” includes closing of schools, public areas and businesses, which further leads to the country being in depths of a recession.

With this reduction in economic activities, businesses are facing huge losses and are forced to cut the costs to sustain themselves. One of the important elements of expenditure for any business is the amount it spends on manpower resources, faced with the current recessionary conditions, businesses are forced to cut on this too, and are operating with minimum employees.

Though the consequences of recession is unavoidable for any business, they can surely try to maximize the optimum utilization of their finances and try to come out of the situation by concentrating on their main line of operation.

In current scenario businesses are forced to lay off their manpower resources, but in order to bounce back, come out of recession and be profitable again they need resources that are competent and economical enough to make the business activities profitable again.

Businesses are faced with dilemma, where they have to cut costs

Hiring manpower on Job Contracts is the best option to consider right now because of below reasons:

According to data released by the Centre for Monitoring Indian Economy, unemployment rate in April 2020 stood at 23.52%.

With contract jobs, this, dear employers, is your time. We know that finding the right candidate for the right job can be challenging during this pandemic.

No matter the place, duration or position, hiring for contractual jobs will put your mind, energy and resource at ease.

Now, what is a contractual job?

In laymen term, a contract job is a temporary based job, wherein candidates are hired for a specific project or duration. Moreover, it can be pitched as internships for students.

Why hire for contractual jobs?

With Contractual Jobs you have the flexibility to hire the best suitable candidate for your Job Role without any commitment to pay the costs associated with it, when the need is over.

During these trying times when every business is looking to minimize its expenses by cutting the unnecessary ones, wouldn’t it be good to hire manpower for a specific duration or project and avoid the expenses associated with it after the need is over or successful completion of the project.

Hiring manpower on contract reduces the burden on business finances which are already strained during current recessionary conditions.

Hiring contractual manpower through job portals like makes the process more easier as they take care of the complete recruitment cycle, starting from sourcing, interviewing, payroll management, leave tracking and lots more activities associated with hiring and management of contractual manpower.

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