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Email is one of the fastest and most common modes of communication, especially in the professional world. The right email writing format goes a long way in effectively delivering the message. Hence, the best type of email is the one that represents clear information in fewer words.

This article covers everything you need to know about formal and informal email writing, along with some samples of email writing formats.

How To Write An Email?

If you are new to composing emails to your colleagues, employer, teacher, or professor, you need to remember that the finer your email looks and sounds, the more effective it will be. All of these can be achieved by following a proper email writing format, so let us take a look at our tips on how to write an email that will prove to be both compelling –

Email Address

Always ensure that you mention the correct email address because a slight error on your part can land your email with the wrong person. So, double-check the recipient’s email address.


Ensure that you add a subject line that is not too lengthy or misleading. It should be short, simple and understandable. Preferably, it should be less than 60 characters. The more compelling your subject line is, the more likely the email will be opened and read. For example, if you are applying for a leave of absence, the subject line can be as simple and as straightforward as “Application for leave”.


After you have chosen the tone and language you want to use for your email, address the receiver with a proper salutation. For example, if you have selected to use formal language, you can start with “Dear Sir/Ma’am” or “Respected Sir/Ma’am”, and for informal language, you can add the person’s first or last name after “Dear”.


Before you move on to the body of the email, ensure that you have all the information and facts, such as the exact dates, names or figures and stick to the standard email font size and style. When you start composing the email, ensure that you use the 7Cs of communication (clear, concise, concrete, correct, coherent, complete and courteous). We advise you to avoid using slang, initialism or colloquialism such as “kinda” or “TTYL” even if you are emailing a close colleague/classmate.

Sign Off

Lastly, sign off the email in a professional tone and proofread whatever you have written before hitting the send button. The closing of an email is as important as its introduction; therefore, it should be genuine that look compelling to the recipient.

Email Writing Format With Sample

Here are some email writing samples and formats for individuals for different situations/events that they can use for reference.

Informal Email Writing Format

To: [ Email Address ]

Subject: [ Mention the Purpose of Email Writing ]

Salutation: [ Respected Sir/Madam ]

Body: [ Example: Sir, I would draw your attention …………………………….. ]

Sign Off:

[ Thanks & Regards ]
[ Name of Sender ]
[ Organization/School/Institution Name ]
[ Contact Number ]

Sample of Informal Email Writing

Farewell Email


Email About Holiday Trip


Subject: Planning Holiday trip with Friends

Dear friends,

It has been more than a month since I planned to go on a holiday with you. I am thrilled to let you know that I have booked a thrilling and adventurous tour to Manali, and we will be leaving on the 25th of September.

This holiday will be a 3-week long tour. We will visit Mall road after reaching Manali and explore new places, including waterfalls, adventure activities, and much more.

I have attached a whole itinerary with this email, and please let me know if any of you have any suggestions.

Best Wishes,

Random Email To A Friend


Subject: Just checking in

Dear Morris,

I hope this email finds you well.

I have been meaning to write to you for ages, but as I just started my new job at Company X, I have been a little occupied.

How are Mandy and the kids? I hope Tom liked the birthday gift I sent him last month.

Our Barbara just graduated from high school last week, and I am glad to share with you that she was the topper in her class. She has decided that she wants to go to XYZ College to prepare for the entrance exam. Hopefully, she gets it.

It has been too long since our families got together. Do let me know when you all have time to come over for dinner.

Warm regards,
Sebastian Knight

Congratulatory Email


Subject: Congratulations!

Dear Jean,

I got your invitation to the opening of your new restaurant.


I know this has been your dream for ages, and now that it is finally coming true, I am incredibly proud of you. No one deserves this more than you.

I will see you at the opening. Can’t wait!

Warm regards,
Moira Reed

Formal Email Writing Format

To: [ Email address ]

Subject: [ Purpose of Email Like: Farewell Message for Colleague ]

Dear: [ Name of Reciever like :[Anil] ]

Body:[Example: Hi Anil, I would like to wish you Good luck for your future …………………………. ]

[ Sign Off ]

[ Sincerely/ Best Wishes ]
[ Sender Name ]
[ Relation with Sender [Colleague/Friend] ]

Sample of Formal Email Writing Format

Resignation Email


Marriage Leave Application


Subject: Marriage Leave Application

Dear Joyce,

It is with a happy and hopeful heart that I write to you to inform you that I will be getting married on the 6th of May, 2022 and for preparation as well as my honeymoon, I will need to be on leave for half a month. 

I would appreciate it if you could kindly grant me leave from the 28th of April till the 14th of May 2022.

Should you need anything from me in my absence, please feel free to contact me or Aditi Sayal, who will take over for me while I am away. 

Please find the wedding invitation I have attached here. I hope you can make it. 

Yours sincerely,

Kenny Adams
Graphic Designer
Digital Marketing Team
NE Times

Sample of Email Writing format for Students

Annual School Sports Announcement


Sample of email writing format for class 12 students

Science Project Email


Subject: Regarding Science Project

Dear Bindi,

I hope you are feeling better. 

I am writing to inform you that I have been assigned as your partner for the science ABC project. 

Also, as you were not able to attend class due to your illness, I took the liberty of taking down notes for you and filling up the XYZ form (all it needs is your signature).

Please let me know when it would be a good time to talk as we have much to discuss, or I could even come over to your place at your convenience. 

Thanks & Regards,

Asha Devi
Class Representative
Class-12 (Science)
XYZ Higher Secondary School

FAQs On Email Writing Format

Q1. What should I keep as the subject in an email?

The subject line of an email should include its purpose, which must mention why you are writing this email. However, avoid writing long sentences, and use easy language with the essential words at the beginning of the subject.

Q2. What is the Format of Email Writing?

According to an Email Writing Format, it is mandatory to type in the exact email address of the recipient, and the subject line must be short and straightforward, explaining the purpose of the email. As far as the body of the email is concerned, you should only add the necessary information to keep it simple. Lastly, sign off with your name, designation, company name and contact information.

Conclusion: To ensure that your email is effectively delivered to the receiver, we hope the above tips for writing an email format, email format samples and formats of email writing prove helpful.

We will leave you here with our best wishes!

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