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Dos and Don’ts of Performance Reviews for Employees

Dos and Don'ts of Performance Reviews for Employees

Performance reviews can be nerve-wracking. To sit down in front of your boss who is there to judge your performance, can frighten you to the point that you say the wrong things, which later come back to bite you. 

Yes, for those of us who’ve been in the corporate world for quite a while now, we’ve all been there, haven’t we? Sometimes, performance reviews are so badly executed that we sabotage ourselves and our chances of getting our desirable promotion or salary hike. 

These reviews usually take place during the season of appraisals. So, in order to get a good salary hike or desired position, you need to ensure that you are well-prepared and well-informed for the evaluation to run smoothly.

We are sure you know by now what’s expected of you – what you are supposed to say and deliver. So, in this article, let’s talk about the dos and don’ts of performance reviews so that these evaluations will work in your favour for professional growth. 

Dos of Performance Reviews for Employees:

Take a Log of your Achievements and Failures:

One good thing about performance reviews is that you get to show your employer your achievements and contributions you have made for the betterment of the company. Ensure that you have a list of all your achievements, whether big or small, with you. This will help your boss and managers in understanding your worth and hard work, which will help in turning the review in your favour. 

Now, one thing that makes performance reviews so daunting is when your employer asks you about your failures, which may include shortcomings such as not being able to meet deadlines or receiving negative feedback from clients. No one looks forward to this part and yes your boss will definitely have a full list of all your failures over the year. So, rather than them pointing out your mistakes, be the one to accept them. This will give you a chance to show your boss that you are well-aware of your failures and that you are doing everything you can to not repeat them. This will also show that you are a professional person who owes up to his own mistakes. 

Take it as a Learning Moment and be Open:

A performance review is when your supervisor submits everything they have on you to the boss and naturally, the boss is going to give you feedback, which may not always be good or not conveyed in the nicest way. It’s going to be hard to be criticized about your performance and there will be times when you want to put the blame on another person. However, reacting negatively or playing a blame game will only work to your disadvantage. So, take every feedback as constructive criticisms and learn from them. 

Be open and try Conversing with your Boss:

You cannot simply sit still and let your boss do all the talking. This is the perfect opportunity to ask your boss for solutions and effective ways to help you be a better employee for the organization. Your positivity and enthusiasm will show your boss that you are always willing to learn and grow professionally, which is a quality that defines some of the best employees. 

Don’ts of performance reviews for employees

Don’t be too Defensive:

Only a guilty person will do everything in his power to look innocent and for that they get over defensive. So, during feedback sessions of the performance review, ensure that you take it as a teachable moment rather than being defensive. 

Don’t point Fingers:

Do not point your finger at others and blame them. This review is solely for you, so avoid calling out names. To defend or justify yourself, use facts to back you up. For this, it is wise to keep a detailed record of your past projects. Do not, by any ways, blame your supervisors either. It only makes you look bitter and unprofessional. 

Don’t be discouraged by Negative Feedback:

If you get discouraged by every negative comment, you will never be able to grow.  As mentioned earlier, learn to take them as learning lessons. 

Do not Focus only on your Achievements:

Focusing only on your achievements when the floor is yours makes you look like a narcissist who only sees the good he has achieved. Also, talking about your failures allows employers to see that there is room for improvement in you. 

Well, now that you know what to do and not to do during performance reviews, we hope your upcoming performance review bears good outcomes for you. 


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