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Creative ways to show Employee Appreciation

Employee Appreciation

Acknowledging and valuing employees’ contribution goes a long way in boosting morale and increasing productivity. Saying ‘Thank You” time and time again and not going beyond that eventually gets old fashioned. Employees need to be motivated and to do that, employers must show every once in a while that they value them through gestures and not simply by words. 

Why is employee appreciation important?

To increase productivity in a well-functioning workplace environment, employee recognition plays a crucial role. Humans need reassurance every once in a while and recognizing and rewarding their work reassures them that they are doing something right. This gives them confidence as well as a sense of achievement, which inspires them to even be or do better. 

No one wants to give much effort to their work when the employer takes all the credit and disregards his employee’s contributions. No! This is why employee appreciation is important to increase productivity. 

If you want to show your employees how much you appreciate and value them,

Give these creative and brilliant employee appreciation ideas a try.

Fringe Benefits:

Fringe benefits can go as high as giving an employee a retirement plan or as simple yet thoughtful as 2-day meal subsidization. This is a brilliant way to motivate employees. 

Appreciation Certificates:

Receiving a certificate gives you a sense of accomplishment and being the best among your peers. Even in schools, whenever we get certificates for doing well in sports, academics and other activities, we feel proud when our parents frame them and showcase them on a wall. Certificates inspire and motivate us to do even better. So, giving your employee an appreciation certificate will make them feel valued and encouraged. 

Celebrate Milestones:

Celebrating an employees’ milestones such as birthdays, the birth of a new baby, recent marriage or even retirement, make them feel like they are a part of the family and establish loyalty to the company. A small cake with a card will make the recipient’s day a whole lot brighter. 

Wall of Honor:

Take a cue from the Hollywood Walk of Fame and have a wall in your office where the pictures or names of the best performing employees are pasted. You could choose one employee each from every department and have their names or portraits hang on the wall of honor for a week or a month. This will also make them fight for a spot on the wall by performing their best. Healthy competitions never hurt anyone, right? 

Gift Cards or Tickets:

A gift card of, let’s say, ₹1000 for Adidas or a ticket to a 4D blockbuster movie are perfect to show your employees that their hard work does not go unnoticed. This boosts their morale and makes them feel abbreviated and valued. 

Celebrate Special Occasions and Festivals:

Many employees come to a different place to work and so they have to stay away from their loved ones. And since they spend most of their day’s time in the office, the only friends they have are their colleagues. Most of them cannot go home during special occasions or festivals due to the long distance. Organizing parties during such occasions will make them feel like they belong and stay loyal to the company. 

Tickets Reward System:

A good way to keep employees motivated is to introduce a ticket reward system. Set targets and whenever employees meet their target, give them a ticket. They will have to collect, let’s say, at least 10 tickets in a month to get rewards. This will drive them to be more productive and have a sense of achievement when they exchange their tickets to redeem rewards. 

Company Outings:

Every once in a while, treat your employees by taking them out to lunch or for a day of fun to a waterpark, escape room or where other group activity can be enjoyed. Team-building activities such as scavenger hunt and paintball are perfect for bonding over and let your employees know that you have a fun side too.

Provide Continuing Education:

What every working professional wants is to be the best in their field and for that, they usually need training or coaching. With work, they usually do not have time for such education. So, as a reward, you could offer them career coaching services or training and education events. This way, they will appreciate the fact that you are invested in their future as much as they are. A good boss always provides options for his employees to grow and upskill. 

Personalized Coffee Mugs/Merchandise:

You know you are a permanent part of the team when you are presented with your personalized coffee mugs or office merchandise. Almost every office has coffee machines. After all, coffee is always what gets us through the day. Coffee cups with their names with fun designs will make employees feel accomplished and appreciated to be a part of the family. 

Employee appreciation plays an important part in keeping your manpower motivated thus ensuring their maximum productivity. We hope that the above-mentioned ideas help you achieve your company goals while keeping your employees happy & motivated by appreciating their efforts. 

Good luck!

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