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“Contract-Jobs Sahi Hai.”

Akash - Contract Jobs

When Akash lost his job due to the outspread of the infamous COVID-19, he was dead-set on finding a new job. After registering with many job portals in India, he still could not find any job that is suitable for him and his skill set. Fortunately, for him, contract-jobs.com came to his rescue.

“I got to know about Contract Jobs. I registered there and found that there are many great companies, which are giving or hiring employees even in this pandemic period,” said Akash. After applying for many contract jobs offered by many companies through contract-jobs.com, he finally got a call from one of the companies. “The interview process was smooth. The interviewers were humble,” he further explained.  He was offered the position immediately after clearing all rounds of the interview process.

In his testimony, he also praises the company he is now working for as an SEO expert, along with its infrastructure and his welcoming colleagues.

So, if you are someone who is going through the exasperating hassles of finding a new job during this pandemic, Akash highly recommends you to join Contract-Jobs.com.

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