10 tips on how to be efficient at work

how to be efficient at workDo you ever wish you had the power to be more efficient at work? Do you ever wish you were like the colleague of yours who seems to be really good at his/her job that it takes only half an hour for him/her to complete the same work that would take you two hours to complete?

Why are these people more productive than you?

How can you become as productive as they are? 

If these questions ever crossed your mind, well, you’ve landed on the right page for we are going to share a few tips on how to be more efficient at work. 

Clean and tidy workspace:

The mind becomes more sound in a clean and tidy environment. By tidying up your workspace, you will be able to know where things are exactly placed and this will save you time and energy. Have a filing system for your documents that is organized in such a way that the important and most commonly used ones stay at the top of the pile.

Keep supplies and tools handy:

A fully stacked workplace is a must to be more productive. Supplies and tools such as pens, papers, staplers, etc. that are frequently used in an office should be there in your workspace, available as and when required. 

Prioritize the Tasks:

An entire day can be wasted by simply doing the tasks that are the easiest rather than the important ones. In order to be productive, start with the important ones first even though they may seem like the hardest. This way, once the crucial ones are completed, it will be a smooth sail from there.

Steer clear of distractions:

List out the things that could distract you such as your mobile phone or a chatty co-worker and avoid them. This will help you be more focused on your tasks.

Maintain a planner:

Jot down on a notebook the tasks at hand and set a time goal for each task. For example, data entry work would take you about an hour or two, while calling clients could take about two hours, and so on. 

Break tasks down into smaller pieces:

One of the many reasons people procrastinate is because one or two of the tasks on their to-do-list seem to be too heavy. When a task is too big we often don’t know where to even begin. Well, start with breaking large to-dos into smaller to-dos. Set small goals for each task. Ensure that each pointer of that list is specific enough to know exactly how and where to start. 

Have a backup plan in case things go wrong:

Things do not always go as planned. Distraction comes from every corner hampering your well-planned time and work schedule. So, always have a backup plan by saving time for such disturbances. 

Avoid multitasking:

One would think that multitasking saves time when in actuality you are only rapidly switching your focus between two things. Switching your focus too often can only do so much for your brain. While some people are gifted with multitasking skills, it is wise to rather focus on one thing first and perform it flawlessly and then move on to the next. Remember, checking your social media offline while you are working also counts as multitasking.

Take time to recharge:

A productive person needs to sleep well, eat healthily, and exercise in order to have a sound mind and body. Taking care of yourself is the best way to enhance your productivity and skills to complete your tasks efficiently and effectively.

Stick to your agenda at meetings:

According to a survey conducted, almost half of all respondents consider meetings to be the biggest source of wasted time at work. So, make an agenda before every meeting including the time frame for each topic discussed. Ensure that the meeting itself, as well as the staff present and the presentations, are kept and maintained to the bare minimum. 

We hope the above-mentioned tips on how to be efficient at work help you in becoming a productive person. 

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