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Senior Developer

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Job Description

Windows Administrator Responsibilities:

  • Assessing The Stability, Security, And Scalability Of Installed Windows Systems.
  • Discussing System And Server Upgrades With IT Managers.
  • Installing Or Upgrading Windows Systems And Servers.
  • Providing Technical Support For Staff And Back-End System Users.
  • Troubleshooting System And Server Errors.
  • Reviewing System Error Logs And User-Reported Errors.
  • Monitoring And Updating The Windows Codebase.
  • Managing User Access.
  • Monitoring System Performance.
  • Maintaining Server Architecture Security And Creating System Backups.

Windows Administrator Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s Degree In Information Technology Or Computer Science.
  • Proven Work Experience As A Windows Administrator Is Preferred.
  • Detailed Knowledge Of Windows Server Setup, Deployment, And Maintenance.
  • Ability To Create Scripts In Perl, Python, And Similar Languages.
  • Experience With Databases, Patch Management, And Networks Including LAN And WAN.
  • Familiarity With Modern Operating Systems And Server Platforms.
  • Knowledge Of Network Security Systems, Intrusion Detection Systems, And Data Backup.
  • Excellent Problem-Solving Skills.
  • Good Analytical And Communication Skills.