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Database Developer

Client: IEML

Job Details

Job Description


  1. Expertise in data integration, data movement and database administration
  2. Proficient in the NoSQL database technology, Mainly Mongo DB and Marklogic(optional)
  3. Analyze data structures and schemes, create data mapping specifications, and write interfaces and scripts for seamless data migration between systems.
  4. Experience with Mongo DB Atlas configuration options.
    • In depth knowledge of modeling/architectural patterns, governance methodologies, and potential limitations within MongoDB
  5. Proficient in installing, configuring, upgrading and patching NoSQL databases
    • Develop MongoDB and API prototypes and proofs of concept
    • Implement optimal backup and recovery
    • Implementing best practices for Rest API integration framework/model 
  6. Performance tuning
    • Implement appropriate indexes for performance improvement
    • Implement Mongo Management Service for automating a variety of tasks, including backup/recovery and performance management
  7. Experience deploying applications to AWS, ECS, EC2 instances. Etc.
  8. Exposure to monitoring and logging techniques