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The resume is the first thing the potential hiring managers will look at, and you will not want to leave a wrong impression in the minds of the recruiters. Your resume outlines your relevant experience and personal and overall professional development. The recruiters look, and the first thing they often notice is the work experience in the resume. You should be extremely careful while writing the work experience section, as it can be one of the trickiest sections in the resume. The work experience section can either make or break your career. This handy guide will enlighten you about work experience in the resume section and what things you should keep in mind while writing this section.

What is Work Experience in Resume?

Before we get into the technicalities, let us first understand the work experience section. The section covers the professional duties you have fulfilled and details of your past employment history. It would include aspects such as job role, position, company, achievement, and other information. Your work experience details should be crisp and relevant to match the job’s requirements. This guide will highlight the aspects that should be included and avoided while penning down the work experience in a resume.

Why Does Work Experience in Resume matter?

The work experience in your resume summarises your overall work experience that can help grab the attention of the recruiter or the hiring manager. Here are some of the reasons why work experience in resume matters:

  • It helps you get ahead in the competitive job market. 
  • An excellent way to list down the skills you possess. 
  • It depicts your motivation, passion, and commitment to the role. 
  • Moreover, it will allow you to prove your excellent and competent skills. 
  • Well-written work experience may help you get your dream job. 

A neat and well-written resume can help grab the attention of the recruiter. However, you should always pay attention to the design and structure of the resume. Use neutral colours and appropriate fonts to make it appealing. Do not add too many elements to your resume, as it may look cluttered and distract the recruiter from reading the details. If you are a fresher or have little experience, you must consider checking online websites for resume making. You will find a lot of templates with clear divisions and distinctions of the essential details that should be listed on the resume.

What counts as Work Experience in a Resume?

Writing work experience differs for people of different age groups. For instance, students with little or no experience may find it challenging to include essential details on their resumes. On the other hand, seasoned professionals with more experience will have to make rift decisions about what to include and what not to include in their resumes. Ensure whatever details you add to your resume are relevant to the job profile you are applying for. You may always consider having different versions of the resume to apply for various roles and organizations. 

Most companies have started prioritizing video interviews. If you are going for a video round of interviews, you should be well-versed with the details of your resume. Try to create a compelling speech and learn how you would describe yourself. The following things are counted and can be added as an experience to your resume: 

  • Volunteering experience 
  • Internships 
  • Part-time jobs
  • Projects accomplished 
  • Full-time jobs
  • Freelancing roles
  • Research papers
  • University coursework

Work Experience in Resume Format and Types

When building a resume, the correct formatting plays a significant role. Here are the three main types of formats that you may choose from:

Reverse Chronological Format

The most popular format describes the work experience in reverse chronological order. It certainly means that the most recent job will be added at the top. This format helps to hire managers and allows them to see how the candidate has progressed over the years.

Functional Format

This type of format does not focus entirely on listing out the details of the work experience. It aims to highlight the candidate’s skills over the years. The candidate can mention the employer’s name, employment duration, skills acquired, and other achievements related to the position. Make sure you incorporate the right keywords when using this format.

Combination Format

Another standard and popular resume format is the combination which uses elements of both chronological and functional formats. It is a format ideal for highly experienced job seekers with a good amount of work experience. The format focuses on skills as well as previous work experience. It is an ideal format for candidates with diverse backgrounds and skill sets or looking for a switch. You may effectively use this format to highlight and emphasize your transferable skills.

The combination format is preferable for highlighting work experience in resume and skills. You may also use any other form depending on the industry and role you are applying for.

Things to Add When You Have No Work Experience

Writing a resume can be nerve-wracking, especially when you are new to the professional world. Students often face this struggle and are usually blank when they think about what to write in their work experience. Mothers who want to thrive back in the workforce also face this challenge. You can add certain things to your resume even without experience.

  • Professional summary – describe your goals and skills that you want to learn professionally.
  • Educational and academic achievements. 
  • Personal or academic projects may be relevant to the role. 
  • Classes or training that may be ideal for that role.
  • Extracurricular activities or certifications that you acquired. 
  • Skills you have learned in school or university (It could be a combination of soft skills, hard skills, or any specific software you learned while studying). 
  • Awards or accomplishments, if any. 
  • Volunteer work or activities that you participated in 
  • Write a compelling cover letter. 
  • List down clear and concise career

How to Describe Work Experience in Resume?

Here are some practical ways to write a concise and clear work experience description on the resume.

Include Previous Employers

Make sure you add a complete description of the companies that you have previously worked with. You must consider adding the most recent job in the beginning, followed by others. If you have less than five years of professional experience, you may consider including volunteer work and other additional work on your resume. Contrary to this, you must consider removing additional job experience if you have more than ten years of experience. Most employers want to learn what you have done in the past three years. Therefore, you should make and write work experience in your resume accordingly.

Mention Job Location

The next thing that you must consider doing is adding the job location to your resume. Mentioning the city or state might be enough; you will not have to add the full address. If it was a work-from-home role, you might consider remote working. Besides this, you should also mention each employment’s start and end date.

Listing Gaps in Your Resume

Gaps are often seen as the biggest red flags in a resume. The hiring managers may consider the worst-case scenario if they see a gap in the overview. It will be ideal that you consider describing the gap period in a line. Make sure you have valid reasons for explaining the gap in the resume. If it is something personal, you can mention it and request the managers to avoid discussing the concern.

Clear Job Titles and Responsibilities

When writing the work experience section, you should provide clear information about the job title and description. Be specific and write a clear job title. Writing about job responsibilities and achievements does not mean that you have to give a detailed account of the job description. Try to provide an overall view of the responsibilities and numbers to solidify your wording further.

List Awards and Accomplishments

You may also mention the promotions, awards, and other accomplishments achieved in the previous role. You can discuss the awards in a separate section or include them under the work experience section. For instance, statements like ‘Won the 2021 Employee of the Year at XYZ Technologies’ or ‘Named the most valuable employee at ABC Enterprises.’

Research the Company You’re Applying for

Many candidates skip this step and consider applying to as many positions as possible. You must understand that applying to hundreds of job applications does not make sense. Instead, it is necessary to tailor the approach and apply only to the positions that fit your profile. Before applying, the first step that you should take is to research the company. Go through the company website to understand the products and services of the company. Make sure you check the social media and reviews to learn about the company culture and environment.

Learn about the Job Description

A tailored approach will work better and help you land your dream job. Before you start writing the work experience in your resume:

  1. Follow the job description.
  2. Try to understand the needs and demands of the recruiter.
  3. Once you know the JD, check if you have the required skills.
  4. Add jobs and projects that are relevant to the role.
  5. Describe your duties and try to connect your experiences with the job role.

Quantify the Results

Strengthen the qualifications and roles you have listed on your resume by quantifying the results. Talk in numbers and percentages about how you performed in the past position. For instance, you may talk about how your efforts and strategizing helped increase sales by 20% or how your contribution made a difference.

Work Experience in Resume: Top Samples

Here are some samples to help write the most-effective work experience


Langford Partnership | California 

Senior Accountant (March 2018 – July 2022)

  • Worked closely with the program management team to decide on the budget, financial reports, and planning.
  • Created 15+ financial records per week and analyzed 500+ records monthly.
  • Led a group of four junior accountants and provided mentorship to them via weekly one-on-one meetings. 
  • Completed tax engagements for 2 Fortune 500 companies. 
  • Conducted internal auditing and managed accounting activities to ensure compliance.  

Web Developer

AMS Technologies | Chennai 

Senior Web Developer (December 2019 – Present) 

  • Prototyped an average of 20 new product features per year. 
  • Implemented coding practices that helped reduce rework by 26% and costs by 15%. 
  • Designed an e-commerce website for a client to sell the products online and increased sales by 48%. 
  • Delivered a presentation on user experience and cloud computing at the Galileo hackathon in Mexico, 2019. The whole conversation and presentation were reproduced as a webinar and garnered more than 200,000 views.

School Teacher

Queen’s Mary School | Noida 

Physics Teacher (December 2017 – February 2022) 

  • Monitored student progress and collaborated with other teachers to create better lesson plans. 
  • Piloted a reading initiative that expanded every student’s vocabulary by 120 words on average. 
  • Implemented a hands-on approach to encourage students to explore different art forms. 
  • Implemented engaging lessons to achieve a 90% success rate on State boards. 
  • Coordinated marathon and swim events that raised $50,000 for social and local charities. 

Digital Marketer

Klark Communications | New York City 

Digital Marketing Manager (March 2021 – Present)

  • Strategized and managed paid marketing campaigns across different handles such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, or Google Ads with a monthly budget of $220,000 and revenue of $540,000.
  • Developed robust email marketing campaigns and strategies that helped improve retention by 32%.
  • A launched SEO campaign improved the website’s performance and increased monthly traffic by 38%. 
  • Led a team of five marketing associates and collaborated with the marketing director to lead the project. 
  • Created an A/B testing plan for Google Ads, which helped improve the ROI by 26%.

Software Developer

Kell Technologies | Dubai 

Lead Software Developer (November 2017 – Present)

  • Led a team of five junior developers and worked with product managers to restructure the web pages. 
  • Tested software for bugs and implemented strategies to fix the bugs, improving efficiency by 23%.
  • Built and maintained an application catered to one million users daily. 
  • Focused on front-end development and provided mentorship to junior developers.
  • Responsible for developing cloud-based technologies with Java and C++ for Fortune 500 companies.
  • Improved customer retention by 20% through A/B testing of different companies, which helped increase overall revenue. 

Human Resource Associate

ELV Staffing Solutions | Mumbai 

Human Resource Associate (December 2019 – April 2022) 

  • Conducted on-job training initiatives, which helped increase employee productivity by 21%. 
  • Handled training, interviewing, payroll processing, and onboarding of employees. 
  • Implemented employee engagement programmes and increased the retention rate by 20%. 
  • Awarded ‘Employee of the Year 2021’. 

Data Analyst

Waverly | Bangalore 

Senior Data Analyst (July 2015 – Present) 

  • Built data visualizations using SQL and Tableau that helped reduce manual reporting by 12%. 
  • Determining strategic marketing opportunities for the clients through analysis, helping save an amount of $12K from the annual campaign budget. 
  • Implemented A/B testing to generate 20% more client leads. 
  • Redesigned the data model to improve the prediction rate by 15%. 
  • Led a team of 2 analysts and three contractors. 


Yale New Maven Hospital, New Haven 

Assistant Nurse (June 2017 – March 2021)

  • Generated 97% patient satisfaction rating. 
  • Offered care to up to 14 patients. 
  • Collaborated with three other nursing staff members in maintaining a calm and healthy environment for the patients.
  • Assisted physicians in measuring heartbeat and recording data in physical examinations. 
  • Used a recovery approach to reduce the length of the patient’s stay by 20%. 
  • Provided patient counselling and assisted them in understanding how they could lead a healthy lifestyle. 

Restaurant Manager

Swiss Houz Bar and Kitchen | Paris 

Restaurant Manager (May 2018 – July 2022) 

  • Hired, trained, and coached staff on food/ beverage skills, customer service skills, and safety or hygienic practices. 
  • Increased the profit margin of selected items from the menu by 20% as switched to a local supplier. 
  • Implemented revised inventory control procedures that helped decrease food losses by 6%. 
  • Conductive interactive promotions and contests for employees and customers on social media resulted in a 25% increase in engagement.

Can I Hide My Work Experience in Resume?

If you feel the experience is not related to the role you are applying for, you may choose to delete it. However, make sure that you have an explanation for the gap on the resume.

Tips for Writing Work Experience

Here are some tips to help you write compelling work experience in your resume: 

  • Use strong action verbs such as achieved, instituted, established, and assembled. 
  • Do not exaggerate; focus on the facts. 
  • Use positive language and consider using more favourable terms. 
  • Focus on the strengths in your experience. 
  • Use up to five description bullet points.
  • Do not copy the job description as it is or try to talk about every task. 
  • Focus only on the achievements and make the results quantifiable. 
  • Use relevant keywords according to the industry. 
  • Highlight the promotions and awards. 
  • Use simple and active statements. 
  • End with a goal statement 

The STAR Formula for Writing Work Experience in Resume

Let us discuss the STAR formula for writing and nailing the perfect work experience in a resume. 

Situation: Talk about the situation or challenges you faced in the role. 

Task: Talk about the task that you performed. However, you should keep it short and not mention the results here. 

Action: Highlight the steps you took to get the desired results. You may even mention if it was an individual or a team effort. 

Result: List the metrics and share the outcome you achieved. You may give examples that relate to these elements. 

Summing Up

Many recruiters consider work experience one of the most critical sections in a resume and check it in detail. When writing work experience in your resume, follow the guidelines and incorporate the tips mentioned above. We hope this handy guide resolves your concerns and helps you understand how you can write one. Whenever you are making a resume, make sure you do not copy everything. You may choose a template only and ensure it’s tailored according to your qualifications and experience. You may register on our website to find work if you are looking for jobs or contractual roles. Stay tuned to Contract Jobs for more helpful guides and information. 

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