What is the difference between Contract Jobs vs Permanent Jobs

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While the majority of the people prefer permanent jobs, there are also many others who would rather work really hard for a few months and then enjoy a little breather for the rest of the year.

A contract job is where one has to work for a certain duration of time, it may be for a few months to few years, depending on the hiring company’s requirement.

Let’s take an example to understand the Difference Between Contract Jobs and Permanent Jobs

An employee who has taken a contract job of 6 months will be working at the client’s office but will be paid by the employment contractor.

After the completion of the contract, the employee gets to decide on what he wants to do for the remaining 6 months. Be it finding a new job, travelling, spending quality time with the family, or taking up a new hobby, he gets to live the life he has always dreamt for himself. Contract job helps you in maintaining work life balance.

A permanent job is where one works for a client on a permanent basis where he/she will get the full employee benefits offered by them. It is your basic 9 to 5 job with monthly salary given to the employee.

With permanent positions, you get to focus on your daily roles and responsibilities which are mostly repetitive in nature whereas with contract jobs, you get opportunity to work with various employers, giving you exposure to different projects, resulting in expansion of your skill set and experience.

Advantages of Contract Jobs as Compare to Permanent Jobs

  • Employers are more interested in hiring manpower on contract, as it offers flexibility and cost saving in manpower hiring. There are many contract jobs in the job market. This enhances the possibilities of you getting faster employment than that of a permanent job.
  • With contract jobs there is a huge opportunity to work with various employers, thus giving you exposure to different projects resulting in enhancement of your skill sets and experience.
  • By working with different employers you get an opportunity to network with the right connections in your concerned work-fields for future references.
  • Work for just a few months and enjoy the remaining of the year doing whatever you want once the contract is over, with your own expenses of course.
    From private to government contract jobs, there are many job openings, which you can consider.

The outbreak of the notorious coronavirus has caused many people to lose their jobs. There is a shortage in the number of job openings. Many organizations have to cut their budgets. As a result, they opt for contractual hiring. This is the perfect time to start your career with contract jobs.

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