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Ways To Successfully Start A New Job Remotely

Start A New Job Remotely

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus made the world change. Normal has a new meaning now in almost every aspect of life. One such major change is the adoption of remote working. 

In order to maintain social distancing and follow the safety protocols for Covid-19, work from anywhere has become a must and common practice. While it comes with many advantages, one of the challenges it presents is joining a new company or starting a new job. Now that everything has to be done remotely, onboarding has also now been done virtually. 

So, how do you start a new job during this pandemic? It can be scary because you don’t know what to expect as you won’t be able to meet your supervisors or colleagues who are supposed to guide you through your first few days. What if you have questions about your roles and responsibilities and you cannot reach your supervisor because your remote work location has a poor network quality? 

Yes, a lot of questions come to mind. But, do not worry,

We are here to help you in making your new work-from-anywhere a little easier. 

Find the perfect Work Space:

First of all, you need to have a dedicated work space for yourself. If you are working from home, find a corner where there will be less distractions, preferably a room you can lock from the inside. Make sure that the area has good network reception. Bear in mind that you will have to take video calls every now and then, so find a place with a clean and solid background. If you turn your workstation to a professional setting, you will have more confidence and your productivity will also increase. 

Dress Professionally:

Dressing smartly from head to toe boosts one’s confidence as it can make one feel powerful. So, even though you may not be at your new office, treat your work room or corner as a real office and dress professionally.

Prepare for Virtual Onboarding:

Normally, onboardings can be very helpful for new joinees as they are taught the tricks and tips of how the office functions, usually with the help of tours and introductions. But, now that we have gone digital, expect this to be done remotely as well. Before the onboarding process, list down all the inquiries you might have and still don your best outfit. Face to face or not, first impressions still matter. 

Ask your supervisor for frequent meetings:

As everyone is gradually learning to come to the terms of remote working, you can’t expect people to spoon fed you. Communications will definitely be limited now. You need to be responsible for your own deadlines and feedback. Ask your supervisor if you can have a meeting every day even for a few minutes or at least thrice a week. Your progress depends on you taking initiatives now. This way, their feedback will help you grow professionally. 

Connect and coordinate with your team:

Teamwork is still important even if you and your team are working from different locations. Be a team player to be on their good sides. Call each of them one by one, introduce yourself and try to get to know them better professionally. If you are video conferencing with them, do not turn off your video. Let them see you and mind your body language and facial expressions. Do remember to smile and nod your head every now and then. 

Be Patient:

The practice of working remotely virtually is still a very much new concept for all of us. With many barriers in the virtual environment, there will be a few setbacks from both ends. So, you would need to keep your calm and have patience. Eventually, you will get the hang of it. 

Time Management:

If you are working from home, it won’t be very easy to stick to every second of office hours. However, you need to remind yourself that managing your time effectively and being professional throughout the 9 hours work shift will improve your productivity and enhance your skill sets. 

Well, there you go. As long as you follow the above information, you should be fine on your first day of your new job. 

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