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Tips on how to do Salary Negotiation

salary negotiation tips

To be perfectly candid, we all do it for the money, don’t we? We’ve been raised and educated for years to make something of ourselves so that we would, one day, be independent and earn bread and butter for the family. 

It is inevitable that once we enter the corporate world, we would go for job opportunities which offer us more pay, is it not? But, what if you are not offered the salary as per your expectations? What do you do then?

Well, there are certain ways to negotiate on the salary, which is what this blog is all about.

Tips on how to negotiate on salary to meet your expectations.

Know your worth

Be it your first job or fifth job, whether you are a male or a female, first and foremost you need to know your worth. Take into consideration your skill set, location and industry, and determine the salary you can expect for yourself. You need to go for the job interview with a salary expectation for yourself otherwise the very experienced hiring manager will have the ball in his court. Pay scale and Glassdoor are the perfect sites where you can check salary as per your experience, skills and qualification.

Choose the top of the range

While doing your research, you will see that there is a salary range for your job position that represents your market value.  From the highest to the lowest, do not go for the middle, but go for the highest. The hiring manager will definitely negotiate with the amount you set and the both of you can meet in the middle or even higher.

Be willing to say ‘No’

Set an amount that is to be your final acceptable offer. Again, take into consideration the market value, your skill sets as well as experience. Be willing to say No to those who wouldn’t meet your expectation. If they don’t value your worth, why work for them?

Are you at a place to ask for a raise?

If you are an experienced professional, you need to ask yourself if you deserve the raise. For instance, have you worked there long enough to get an appraisal? Have you been meeting your deadlines? Is your work adequate? Have you been taking on more responsibilities? 

You can’t just have a salary negotiation if you’ve been there only for a few months. Moreover, your workmanship has to be up to par. 

Plan the right timing

When the time comes for the performance review, know that your boss most certainly has already told the HR how much raise each employee will get. Once it’s set and stone it’s hard to negotiate. So, the right time to discuss salary negotiation would be before your boss makes the decision, which would probably be 2 to 3 months in advance. Make sure that your boss is in a good mood too.

Compile a list of your Accomplishments

Prepare a sheet detailing all the extra work you have done, your punctuality and the good things you have done for the company to back your case. Preparation is key. Add the positive reviews and testimonials you have received from clients as well as the company. These details will help you in negotiating salary increment.

Well, we hope the above salary negotiation tips help you in furthering your career. 

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