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Tips for Team Leaders: How to Keep Team Members Motivated in Tough times

tips for team leaders

It’s a well-known fact that the success of a team depends on the team members and how well they function together. It is up to the team leader to keep them motivated and compatible with each other. 

It’s not always easy to manage a team and still focus on the work at hand. Especially during these uncertain times, when the entire corporate world has been shaken and reshaped by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, it is harder for team leaders to always remain positive and be there for their team members.  

In order to follow the strict protocol of social distancing for everyone’s safety, the work from home model was adopted last year and has now become the new normal in the corporate world. As a result of this sudden shift in the working styles, many team members failed to coordinate with others, resulting in less than ideal completion of projects. A study conducted last year found that 54% of HR leaders say that the biggest challenge they face is poor technology and infrastructure when working from home. This combined with lack of proper communication and coordination, the results are usually not up to the expectations.

Lack of team coordination often results in poor quality of work and decreased productivity. So, for the success of your project and company, it is imperative that you keep your team motivated during these trying times.

We are going to share a few tips on how you can keep your team motivated.

Communicate with Team Members

Communication, at least once a day with each team member is a must. Be it a group call or one-on-one call, either via video or phone calls, always let them know that they are still your priority in your professional life. This will allow them to feel safe to reach you, when they face any issue. They need to know that you are always reachable for them. 

Do not keep them in the dark

Whatever new policies or strategies are decided by the company, ensure that you share the same with your team. In these uncertain times, insecurities usually increase. This further hampers their productivity. So, keep them in the loop to let them know that they matter and that they are part of the office family. 

Appreciate Team members

Always remember to show your appreciation and praise them when they deserve. Making them feel special and valued for their hard work will motivate them to work even harder. The best way to show employee appreciation is to give them e-gift cards. Even an amount of Rs. 100 Amazon e-gift cards will make their day, their week, even their months. 

Try to Keep team on One Page

Situations at home are not always the same for everyone. Sometimes, with kids and other responsibilities, it is difficult for some to work during the exact working hours. Give them flexibility and allow them to work in accordance with the hours that works best for them. As long as the tasks get done and on time, give them the freedom to work according to their own convenience. 

Think of your Mind rather Going with Emotion

No matter the crisis, as a team leader, you’d need to put your emotions in check. Optimism and positivity are your new best friends. With the news being more and more unpleasant everyday, their emotional well-being should be taken into consideration. Being short with them in the midst of all the negativity that comes with the coronavirus will only kill their team spirit. 

Keep team members Moral High

Encourage each team member to stay in touch everyday. The best way to do this to create a WhatsApp group where issues and concerns can be addressed. This way, everyone can help each other. 

We hope the above mentioned tips help you in enhancing the team spirit of your team. 

Good luck and stay safe! 

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