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Tips for Freelancers to be successful amidst COVID-19

Tips for Freelancers to be successful amidst COVID-19

The global economic slowdown brought on by the outbreak of the novel coronavirus has rendered many people unemployed. Be it getting the boot, involuntary leaves without pay, or furlongs, among many others, the reasons may vary depending on the financial status of the organisation.

Though freelance jobs are on the rise, a survey conducted by Payoneer revealed that “32% of freelancers shared that demand for their services has greatly decreased in light of COVID-19.” This survey conducted over 1,000 freelancers from 100+ countries also revealed that freelancing managing teams are trying to keep things as steady as possible even during the pandemic. In fact, “74% answered that they are not downsizing their team and 83% said they will not be reducing their team’s pay.”

What every employee, be it a freelancer, temporary and permanent employee, needs is job security and financial stability in this time of crisis.

No doubt! The pandemic has paved the way for freelancers and temporary workers to find employment. However, with over 43.8 million people in India being unemployed as of March 2021, you should expect the competition to be a gruelling one.

In this blog, we are going to share certain job hacks and tips that will make you stand out from the crowd to get the best freelance jobs in India.

Upskill Yourself:

Now that businesses have shifted towards the online world, it is important for every employee to have basic computer skills and for some, an advanced level. One main challenge that recruiters and hiring managers are facing when hiring candidates is lack of or mismatched skill sets. So, based on the industry you are in, check out which skills are in trend and are in high demand. Take some time to complete online courses to upgrade your skills. The better your skill sets, the higher your chances of getting the job.

Be Flexible:

This year, things are changing rapidly and constantly. The demand for particular roles have changed. So, you have to be flexible enough to change according to the changing times when it comes to your areas of expertise. For instance, you are a copywriter, however the demand for copywriters has gone downhill but there are many organisations looking for bloggers or SEO professionals. As these profiles are all part of the digital marketing industry, you will be able to catch hold and excel in just a few weeks.


Get in touch with your old or current clients. Many companies had to let go of their permanent staff due to the financial crisis. However, they would still need freelancers or temporary workers to fill in. Try contacting recruiters and HR managers through professional-oriented social media sites such as LinkedIn or Facebook. Join as many job opening or freelancing groups or communities where new job opportunities are posted many times a day. Ensure that your social media profiles are informative and professional looking.

Maintain a good Work-Life balance:

In these uncertain times, taking care of your physical and mental health should be your top priority. In order to be a successful freelancer, you need to be healthy and stay fit and focused. To do that you maintain a proper work-life balance and avoid burnouts at all costs. Take some time daily to stay away from the digital world. Switch off mobile phones, laptops, PCs and other electronic devices. Do some workout or go for a walk with your mask on. You need to refresh your mind and body.

Set some time apart daily for job hunting:

If you are on the lookout for a new job, register and join as many online job marketplaces such as contract-jobs.com daily. There are always new job postings every day so ensure that you don’t miss out on the relevant ones for you. As recruiters and hiring managers tend to favour those who are active on job search sites, ensure that you log in to your accounts daily.

We will leave you here with our best wishes.

Good luck!

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Last modified: May 17, 2021