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In the world of work, email writing is one of the most common modes of communication, be it asking for a leave of absence or applying for a new job, among many others. And when it comes to writing an email, there is a certain etiquette that you have to follow, such as adding an appropriate and compelling subject line. 

In this day and age, almost everything is done online, and that includes job searches. Hiring managers and recruiters receive many email job applications in a day. Some do not get opened because they lack an email subject line for job applications. 

So, it is important to add an email subject line, and this article will guide you in choosing the best subject line for a job application.

What Is An Email Subject Line?

An email subject line acts as the email headline before the recipient opens and reads his email. An effective email subject line determines the success rate of the email being opened by the recipient.

Example Of Some Of The Best Subject Lines for Job Application

Subject: Marriage Leave Application
Subject: Job Application for Sales Manager
Subject: Job Inquiry – Mohit Mann

Why Is the Subject Line For Job Application Important?

One of the many reasons that email recipients depend on email subject lines so much to open their email is the increasing amount of frauds and viruses many emails contain. It is no surprise that 69% of people choose to mark many emails as spam based on the subject lines alone.

According to a study, 64% of people open their emails based on the subject lines. As you can see for this number alone, many email recipients are prompted on the effectiveness of the subject line to open their emails.

If you do not add a subject line to your email, it will be marked as spam and moved to the recipient’s spam folder.

As the subject line is the headline for your email, you must ensure that yours is clear, concise and correct. It should not be more than nine words and should not contain any errors or misinformation.

Tips To Write An Effective Subject Line For Job Application

As we have mentioned earlier, adding a subject line to your email is important, especially when applying for jobs. You must add a compelling and concise subject line for the job application to ensure the email gets open. Here, we have compiled a list of tips for writing an effective subject line for a job application that we believe will help you in your job hunt.

Make It Profesional

In the world of work, you need to keep everything professional, even when it comes to email writing. The subject line and email address you choose will determine whether you are a serious candidate or not.

First of all, you need to ensure your email address is professional. For instance, does not appear to be a professional email, does it? So, if need be, create a new email address that contains your name, first and last. 

Now, when it comes to the subject line, do not use emojis, shortcuts, or informal words or phrases  such as “How r u?” or “Whassup?” You need to keep it as brief and as clear as possible. A subject line as simple as “Job Application For [Position]” or “Job Application – [Your name]” is both formal and informative.

Including your name or the job title you are applying for allows the recipient to easily understand the email. Moreover, there is an automated filter that organises the recipient’s email. So, mentioning the job title increases your chance of getting your email in the right folder.

Stick To The Instructions

Many job postings come with instructions on how to apply for the job. Some will specifically mention what email address applicants need to add. If you do not follow the instructions, your application could get rejected. 

Bear in mind that there are many instances where candidates’ job applications are rejected simply because they did not follow the instructions properly. So, ensure that you follow the directions to the T.

Make It Concise

An effective email subject line for a job application is short and to the point. Preferably, it should not be more than nine words or 60 characters. You should not mention any irrelevant information. 

Many hiring managers and recruiters use their mobile phones to screen resumes, and devices as small as mobile phones will only show a limited number of words. So, for the recipient to view the subject line in full, you need to be able to make yours as short and as informative as possible.

Mention The Purpose

As the subject line is not the body, it should only mention the purpose of the email. For instance, if a person is applying for a job, simply adding “job application” would let the recipient know what the email is regarding. If the sender only adds his name, it would confuse the recipient. Following the previous step, mention the purpose of the email in just a few words.

Utilise Keywords

As we mentioned in the first tip, an automated filter organises the recipient’s email. So, using the right keyword based on the profile you are applying for will help your email get easily detected and categorised in the right folder. The keyword could be as simple as “job application.”

Add your name

Adding your name would help in saving the recipient’s time. Many hiring managers and recruiters have to go through hundreds, if not thousands, of resumes in a day. Adding your name in the subject line as an introduction will boost the chance of your email being opened.

Triple Check Before Sending The Email

Before hitting the “Send” button, ensure you proofread your email, including the subject line. There should be no spelling or grammatical errors and no misleading information.

What To Avoid When Writing Subject Lines For Job Application

There are things you should avoid mentioning or doing in your subject line for a job application. Here are some of them:

  1. Do not use informal language. Keep it professional. 
  2. Do not use an unprofessional email address. If necessary, make a new email address containing your full name. 
  3. Do not make your subject line too lengthy and undecipherable. Keep it short and simple. 
  4. Do not capitalise every letter of every word. 
  5. Do not use any emojis or slang.

Samples Of Subject Lines  For Job Application

The sample email subject line for the job applications below will help you pick the best subject line for your job search.

For Job Applications

  • Job Application For Content Writer – Aashna Kamal
  • Application For Sales Executive_AashnaKamal_job ID #56745
  • Job application for the position of HR Recruiter
  • Job Application-Graphic Designer-Aashna Kamal-Job ID #54123
  • Data Entry Job Application – Aashna Kamal

For Referrals

  • Referred by Diya Goswami-Aashna Kamal for SEO Executive
  • Referral from Diya Goswami_Aashna Kamal_SEO Executive
  • Referred by Diya Goswami_Aashna Kamal_job candidate for SEO Executive
  • Referral from Diya Goswami – Candidate for SEO Executive – Aashna Kamal
  • Candidate for SEO Executive_Aashna Kamal_Reffered by Diya Goswami 

For Follow-Up After Job Interview

  • Interview For SEO Executive Follow-Up – Aashna Kamal
  • Following up on the SEO executive interview_Aashna Kamal
  • Following up on the SEO Executive position – Aashna Kamal
  • Thank you for your time today – Aashna Kamal
  • Checking for updates: SEO Executive application

Conclusion: The key takeaway from this article is that when applying for a job via email, you must always ensure that you add a short, informative, clear subject line. This will heighten the chances of your email being opened, and your application accepted. Follow the tips above to add the best subject line for your job application. 

We hope this article helps make your job search a bit easier. 

We will leave you here with our best wishes.

Good luck!

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