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Important things to research before appearing for a Job Interview

Prepare for Job Interview

If there is one common mistake interviewees, especially first-timers, make is going for the Job Interview without proper preparation or research. When they are bombarded with questions they don’t have answers to, they become nervous and end up messing the interview.

Well, let’s ensure that this does not happen to you. Here, we are going to highlight the important things to research before you appear for the upcoming interview. 

Important things to Research before you appear for any Job Interview:

Position Applied:

You would have probably been given the job description when you were contacted by the recruiter for the job vacancy. Now, apart from going through it thoroughly, you need to research more on the position’s roles and responsibilities along with the skills and qualifications required. This way, you will be able to link the skills that you have with the duties that are required to be performed, if you hold that position. You should be clear enough that when the time comes and the interviewer asks you how you would handle various scenarios and crises, you will be able to provide a well-informed answer that’s expected from a most suited candidate for the job role. 

About the Company:

Now, this is important. Some candidates have no idea what the company they are interviewed for does. Being aware about the hiring organization, shows how serious you are about the job opportunity. So, the night before the interview, go to the company’s website and their social media profiles. Learn everything you can about what they do and who are the important position holders within the organization. 

Company Culture:

Do you want to work in an environment where you do not fit in? No? Well, in order to avoid that learning about the company culture is the first thing you need to do. You can do this by becoming a cyber stalker for a night. It sounds bad but it’s really not. The company must have social media profiles where they post regular content on their work culture, behind the scenes or posts related to their employees. We will leave the rest up to you. Also, their mission statement and values will probably give you an idea of what the culture is like. 

Company Reviews and Ratings:

Thanks to the internet, we can now avoid bad bosses. There are many review sites such as Glassdoor where ex-employees like to review their old companies and ex-bosses. You can get a good amount of idea about a company’s culture and ethics by going through such review sites.  

Salary Offered for the post in the Job Market:

If you are a first-time interviewee, you need to be able to give the interviewer an expected salary range when they ask you about your salary expectations. PayScale is the perfect platform for finding average salaries of different positions. 

The Interviewer:

Try to find out what you can about the interviewer. When you were contacted by the recruiter, they most probably left their digital footprint, like their email address or call-back number. Ask them the name of your interviewer and once you’ve got the name, well, let the internet do its magic! Building rapport during the interview will help you stand out from the crowd and the best way to do that is to know even the tiniest bit about your interviewer beforehand. 

The Company’s USP:

Being able to converse with the interviewer about the company’s Unique Selling Proposition or USP, which basically is a unique benefit that makes the company stand out from its competitors, will certainly win you a bonus point.

As long as you do thorough research, your chances of acing the interview triples. Preparation will also boost your confidence, which you are definitely going to need.

We wish you all the very best! 

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