Contract Jobs And Gig Jobs: What Is The Difference?

Are the terms “contract job” and ‘gig job” synonyms, or do they confuse you? Well, we are here to clear your confusion. When employers require workers outside their company to complete a task or short-term project, they approach independent contractors to cover the gap. With this, the scope of Contract Jobs and Gig Jobs has increased rapidly and has become the best alternative career option for an important part of the labour market in India.  

In this blog, we will talk about Contract Jobs and Gig Jobs and how it is different from one another. 

What Are Contract Jobs?

A contract job is an employment contract signed between an employee and employer. It is based on a specified amount of time and ends when the project is done. Many employers prefer hiring contractual workers to balance the workload or to evaluate the work before hiring them as permanent employees. In contract jobs, the employee is paid a lump sum based on project completion. It helps build a strong portfolio and explore various work environments and industries. In this form of employment, the relationship between the contractor and business ends after the job is done.  

What Are Gig Jobs?

Gig jobs are part-time or temporary based jobs where a professional receives their income based on the one-time projects that they complete. It is a flexible work environment, where employers hire and offer payment only for the assigned work. There are various niches in gig jobs, such as construction workers, freelancers, teachers, tutors, delivery drivers, hospitality workers, etc. This type of job is specified for a certain period, providing more working opportunities to the workers based on their interests and skills.

Difference Between Contracts Jobs and Gig Jobs

Here are the differences between Contract Jobs and Gig Jobs: 

Contract Jobs  Gig Jobs 
It is when a contract is signed between the employee and employer, lasting between 2 to 12 months.  It is a part-time or temporary job where the employers contact and hire temporary workers for various assignments. 
The employees are paid monthly, just like a full-time employee.   Gig workers are paid after completing the given task/project.  
It has specified work timings, just like a normal full-time employee.   It offers flexible work timings.
Example: Contract-based web developers, Assistants  Example: Freelance writers, Construction workers 

Reasons To Choose Contract Jobs


  • It is higher in demand because of the ample opportunities it provides. Companies work on various projects, short-term or long-term, so they might not need to hire a full-time employee to complete the project. It is one of the reasons why many people choose contractual jobs over permanent jobs. 
  • Contractual jobs give you complete flexibility to find your career passion. It may seem uncommon to many young people to keep changing different jobs with numerous employers. Contract employment allows you to choose what projects you want to work on. You can apply for contract jobs based on your current skills that will help you develop new skills and undertake various projects to find the one that fits your passion. 
  • Many big companies in industries hire contractors for various job profiles. It can be the greatest asset for your resume, enabling you to experience numerous business models, understand how a company works, and build connections. 
  • Even if you are working on contract-based, you should know that you still hold employment rights, which are legally protected. Every country has their own set of rights and rules, so ensure that you are familiar with them before you start working as a contract worker.   
  • Usually, contractual employers have a higher pay scale than permanent employees. It is generally because contract-based employees are not entitled to benefits that full-time employees have.  However, employees placed through Contract Jobs get all benefits that permanent employees get. Besides, completing your task before the deadline may also provide you with a completion bonus from your employer. 
  • Many people think contractual job offers do not provide job security, but it is not so. Contract jobs generally last between 3 to 12 months with a signed agreement, and till that period, your job is secured. Moreover, fixed-term contractual jobs have certain requirements that, when completed, may lead to the termination of the contract. However, this also permits you to apply for other job roles in advance. Apart from this, it provides complete work surety and pays opportunities. 
  • Contract jobs will help you in expanding your professional network. The connections you make throughout your tenure in the company might lead you to more projects and full-time job opportunities.

Reasons To Choose Gig Jobs


  • If you choose to work as a gig worker, you will get opportunities to work with multiple clients on different projects. The fact that you would be handling clients of different niches will enhance your marketing skills and knowledge. Moreover, various tasks and clients keep the work interesting and creative. 
  • It offers flexibility. You can manage your schedule and work at your own pace accordingly before the deadlines. As a gig worker, you will have complete control over your work as you are permitted to work any hour of the day at your own pace from anywhere in the world. In most cases, you will be assigned work and a deadline. It does not matter when you do it; you must submit the work before the given date or time. 
  • One of the preeminent reasons you should choose to work as a part-time worker is because you will be getting a chance to interact with multiple companies, where you will be getting various projects on different topics. Moreover, you will meet several kinds of people from different fields. It will help you build your network, which can help you open windows for various work opportunities based on your performance. 
  • You can easily start working as a gig worker from the comfort of your home. It has less entry barrier and complexity than a 9 to 5 workforce. Almost every company prefers a firm background check before getting started, and as a gig worker, you only need a good wifi connection, reference, skills, and time. 
  • The pay scale of gig workers depends on the company and projects you are working on. Some companies pay the gig workers high since they cannot access the other employee benefits such as health insurance, home allowance, etc. It can allow you to earn extra money by working with multiple companies. Working as a gig worker will allow you to undertake as many projects as you want, which leads to earning extra income. It is one of the reasons why it has become increasingly attractive in the market. 

What To Choose: Contact Jobs Or Gig Jobs?

Contract Jobs and Gig Jobs both are potentially good if you want to take some break from a full-time commitment. Besides, if you are a fresher who wants to boost your skills and knowledge, these two can be an ideal choice based on your interests. You would not just gain new and different experiences, but you will also expand your network, which would help you lead to various job opportunities in future. 


The above points outline the significant difference between Contract Jobs and Gig Jobs. With the changing economy, people can access new employment models, whether working as freelancers, gig workers, independent contractors, etc. Your choice depends entirely on your skills, career goals, work-life balance, objective, pay, etc. As the employment models are changing with better possibilities, it has become easier for workers to find job opportunities.  

So, what are you waiting for? Make the first move and apply today at! 

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