7 important workplace ethics every hiring organization looks for

tips for job seekersAccording to Wikipedia, work ethic is “a set of values centered on the importance of work and manifested by determination or desire to work hard.” In other words, a work ethic drives a person to work harder by maintaining proper morals in the workplace.

Employees are expected to follow the company’s policies with integrity and sincerity. Work ethics exist to guide employees’ professional conducts at a workplace.

A good work ethic goes a long way in producing outstanding results. So, it is no wonder why recruiters are looking for specific qualities in a candidate.

In this blog we are going to highlight top work ethics that recruiters are looking for in a candidate.

Being responsible and dependable

Employers like employees who they can depend on and have full faith that their projects would be delivered on time. Be honest towards your work and ensure that you meet your deadline.

Being adaptable

Not every company has the same values, policies or work environments. No matter where you go, being able to adapt to any new surroundings easily is one quality that almost every recruiter looks for in a candidate. You need to be able to adapt well and smoothly with not just the environment but also with your new team. You can’t just join a new team and pull the strings however you see fit. You need to fit in and earn their trust.

Being optimistic and positive

Everyday won’t be all rainbows and butterflies. There will be days when you want to quit because your workload is piled up or you can’t meet your target. It is imperative that you always look at the bright side and be positive. Recruiters know that one day or another the pressure of overwhelming work would get to you like it does to all of us. Therefore, they look for someone who is optimistic and positive, and someone who will be able to work even under pressure. Moreover, a team can’t function well with an unenthusiastic presence. So, always be positive or enthusiastic in an interview.


Self-motivation is one important work ethic that helps an employee complete his/her task even under pressure and meet the deadlines. It is a quality that many recruiters are after as they know that people who can self-motivate themselves won’t need to be guided or encouraged constantly. They know that those people will be able to take initiatives when needed.

Being loyal

It goes without saying that loyalty is an important key to build a trusting relationship. Loyalty goes both ways. An employee who has a good working environment, opportunities to learn and grow would definitely want to be a part of the organisation even in the long run.

Being professional

Your level of professional determines how you are perceived in your workplace. You want to make a good impression on your employers as well as your colleagues. Organisations have code of conduct that needs to be followed religiously, which is why recruiters look for candidates who are professional in every way.


Majority of the recruiters do not want to hire someone who lacks even just a little bit of confidence as these candidates will need to be spoon-fed. A confident person knows the right questions to ask in order to grow and will move into action when needed. So, recruiters look for a person with self-confidence. However, do not be overconfident to the point that you appear to be arrogant.

Well, there you go! As long as you possess these work ethics or you work hard to acquire them, you will ace your interview, get your dream job and be successful at your workplace.

We will leave you here with our best wishes.

Good luck!

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